• When: 2019-08-03
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Chedda, Hack Saw, Pick Axe, Thumbs Up (R), Hammer, Boo (R), Wapner, Tater, Granola (R)

Charles Bronson Look-a-like

Nine Pax started their Saturday with an introduction to a Charles Bronson look-a-like.

Weather: 75ish and humid as can be expected this time of year

A little background might be helpful. About a week ago, our AOQ announced he would be out of town for this Saturday workout and that nobody had signed up to Q yet. On Thursday, YHC accepted temporary custody of the Turning Point Shovel Flag and said “don’t worry about being out of town, we’ll make sure the Q is covered.” On Friday, there was a bit of Twitter discussion about a Mystery Q. YHC had not seen where anyone else had signed up for the Q and figured that must mean he has the Q. Simultaneously, Chedda knew he would be in town for the weekend and signed up to Q as “Mystery Q”. At this point, YHC ‘thought’ he had the Q and Chedda ‘knew’ he had the Q. Now, let’s fast forward to Saturday morning.

1 minute – Granola
1 minute – Chedda

Circle up –

Disclaimer – Granola
Disclaimer – Chedda
Start of a disclaimer – Thumb’s Up

At this point, YHC stepped over to Chedda and asked if he really thought he was supposed to be the Mystery Q. After a brief discussion, Chedda reluctantly stepped aside….something about… since YHC had a plan and Chedda was gonna wing it. Side note: Chedda could just throw together an amazing workout in his sleep. Oh, and as for Thumb’s Up? Well, he gave Chedda a ride to Turning Point this morning. So, he also ‘knew’ that Chedda had the Q. He thought YHC was messing around and just jumped in to join in on the fun.

Pray – start working where we stood.

SSH – 10 IC
TTT – 10 IC (nice and slow)
Windmill – 10 IC (nice and slow)(Thumb’s Up thought it was too slow, but then again, he wasn’t in charge.)
IW – 10 IC

Now, it’s time for the Charles Bronson look-a-like. We set up at the school end of the 3rd row of parking. The cycle will be:
– Perform an exercise.
– Run or sprint to the far end of the parking lot.
– Bear Crawl past the 4th row of parking to the next set of stop signs.
– Perform an exercise until the six arrives.
– Mosey back to the starting point.
Round 1:
– Start with 50 Merkins
– Plank Jacks for the six
Round 2:
– Start with 50 LBCs
– Flutter Kicks for the six
Round 3:
– Start with 50 Jump Squats
– Lunge for the six
Round 4:
– Start with 10 Burpees
– Finish with 10 Burpees
Round 5:
– Start with 10 Burpees
– Finish with 5 Burpees
Round 6:
– Start with 5 Burpees
– Finish with 5 Burpees
Round 7:
– Start with 5 Burpees
– Recover together on the mosey back to the starting point.

7 of Diamonds – Set up an approximate diamond (like a square) in the front parking lot. Complete an exercise for a count(divisible by 7) at each point of the diamond.
Round 1: 7 Merkins (at each point)
Round 2: 14 Flutter Kicks IC (at each point)
Round 3: 21 Squats (at each point), with the final set being slow-mo squats IC

Mosey over to the flag and circle up.


– Coffeeteria at Bo Jangles following the devo today. Of course, if you are just now reading this announcement, you’ve missed coffeeteria.
– Thumb’s Up is heading up a drive for backpacks and school supplies for kids that may not otherwise have any. See him for details, as the collection period ends Tuesday (8/6)

Prayer Requests:
– Swanson’s Family
– Thumb’s Up and Chedda’s friend (Pete) battling with cancer (Update, Pete went on to be with the Lord on this day, but they were both able to visit with him beforehand.) Prayers for those two men, as well as Pete’s family.
– Boo’s wife, Jennifer
– Tater’s coworker, Rick, Cancer


– After seeing “5 Feet Apart” last night, YHC couldn’t help but focus the devo time on reminding the pax to not forget to be thankful for all the things we take for granted each and every day. Be thankful that you don’t have prayer requests for your 2.0’s health today, for your health. In this gratitude, be present today for your M, your 2.0, your brother (for those younger pax) that might normally frustrate you or be taken for granted.