• When: 2019-08-04
  • The PAX: YHC

F3 Recon New Lexington Middle School

YHC decided to check out this new location for a possible future AO. Wanted to come through and give it a dry run. Covered almost 2.2 miles of pavement without repeat. It’s not quite River Bluff but this place has some decent ups and downs as well as what looks to be its own version of a Reaper Hill coming off the side road going up to the back of the school with light posts equally spaced for possible exercise routines. It has plenty of covered areas as well as little nooks to shield from wind. There is a nice baseball field football field and track surrounding the football field with some good grassy Hills for possible bear crawls. Plenty of posts with large flat platforms surrounding them at the bottom close to the sidewalk which would be perfect for step-ups jump-ups dips incline and decline merckens as well as other exercises( the platform’s do have beveled 45 degree angles all around their edges which actually worked really well when holding them for dips.. The rear of the school has two wide paved roads which would be great for shoulder to shoulder Sprint or exercise routines requiring movement in a line shoulder to shoulder. Plenty of wall space for those wall sits , balls to the wall , etc. Of course there are plenty of well-spaced light poles throughout the campus for those exercise stopping points. There is a nice inclined sidewalk that runs from just below the track and football field all the way up a nice Hill straight up into the Summer Lake subdivision for those EH opportunities and to pick up extra miles for stride light. There is a small but steep set of stairs leading from the track down to the side of the school. Here are some pictures.

This location has plenty to offer. Runners will like the length plus the additional opportunity to access the neighborhood safely next door via the Fairly steep climb from the school up to the neighborhood on the sidewalk. Of course the track will offer tons of options from speed work to whatever else you can come up with. Then there’s the football field we all are well-versed in how to utilize that area. Good Hills that are paved and narrower sidewalk versions. With such a sprawling campus there will be tons of options from running workouts to stationary workouts in areas that may provide cover from Wind and Rain. If you get a chance check it out take it for a spin if nothing else it looks like a fairly safe location to pick up some miles without getting into traffic.


I cannot stand a sideline observer criticizing and mocking the warriors in the trenches. Many “principled” idealogues sit in their ivory towers, wax eloquently about the marrow of their credo, and then castigate the sun-burnt plowers in the fields as coarse ignoramuses.