• When: 2020-08-12
  • QIC: Sharknado
  • The PAX: Wild Blue, Little Giants, Shredder, Rook, Cheers, YHC.

Car Nostalgia & Stretching

Conditions 77 and mostly clear with 88% humidity.  Basically, excellent weather for a kettlebell beat down at the direction of YHC.

YHC brought some kettlebell swinging madness with him this morning for the pax to enjoy with a backdrop of 90’s grunge favorites. Mumble chatter was slow to start but the pax didn’t disappoint.  Much like the workout itself, they had to properly warmup.  Discussions of the pax’s first cars were a hit. Here is a picture of YHC’s.


The Thang:

Warm Up

KB Sretches x 3

Halo (slow) x 5 each side OYO

Around the World (slow) x 5 each side OYO

Squat x 5 on Qs call

Round 1 (all OYO)

KB Swings x 10

KB Press x 15

Curls x 20

x 3

Round 2 (all OYO)

KS Swings x 10

Thrusters x 15

Upright Row x 20


Round 3 (all OYO)

KB Swings x 10

Alternating Merkins on KB x 16

Tricep Ext x 20

x 3

Round 4 (all OYO)

KB Swings x 10

Snatches x 16 (8-each arm)

KB Row x 20 (10 each arm)

x 3

Cool down/Stretch

YHC talked of the importance of stretching your muscles after a workout and the benefits of it so we did a nice slow cool down stretch for the last 7-8 minutes.



2nd F Opportunities:

-lunch at Steve’s Classic Burgers today at Noon.

-Thirsty Thursday at Craft and Draft Irmo 8/13/2020 5:30 pm-until

Prayer requests:

-Side Car and his family as they mourn the loss of a wife and mother

-The two Lex County deputies that were shot over the weekend


““Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:34‬ ‭ESV‬‬

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