• When: 2020-08-11
  • QIC: Sunday Driver
  • The PAX: Granola, Pickaxe, Booster, DARPA, CHhedda, Gazeetah, Lil Poppy, Simon Says, Wapner, Buttermaker, Canseco, Sunday Driver

Nice cool and easy morning

YHC started the morning off on a rough patch, accidentally kicking his children’s toy causing some pretty gnarly bruising.  I was not quite sure if I would make it on time and got there with 30 seconds to spare.  It was a very clear sky for PAX to catch shooting stars and best of all, it was cool and not muggy.  Turned into a great morning with the most PAX I have Q’d since Covid began.  Lets get to the work.

Temperature:  71 degrees with clear skies

Disclaimer – Opening Prayer

The Thang:  TTTx 10 IC
Windmillx 10 IC
RTRx 15 IC
Dirty Birdx 15 IC
Imperial Walkersx 15 IC
Mosey to back lot:
Touch N’ Go’s x 55 (Squat then hop starting at count of 10, after each count hold the squat for 15 seconds till you reach 1)
Mosey to Block pile then to the corner of the track
Each track corner had a set of specific exercises targeting a particular group, ran the track till time was called:
We got in 4 laps for just under 2 miles
Calf raisesx 20
Bobby Hurley’sx 20
Merkinsx 20
Carolina Dry Docksx 20
LBCx 20
Iron Crossx 20
Curls for the Girlsx 20
Overhead Chest Pressx 20
PAX were encouraged to do more for extra credit
Mosey back to the flag for some Mary
Knee Touchesx 20 OMC
American Hammerx 15 IC
Boat Canoex 1.5 mins
Iron PAX at the end of the month
Smokehouse 9/11 event on Sat 9/26
Ken Doll running for Lexington 1 board – more info to come
Prayer Requests:
ChHedda’s Mother
Bobby – dealing with Tumor treatment facilities
Tinkle – mother and family
Shake N’ Bake – Bone Marrow transplant for a child, speedy time frame for the recipient to receive his Marrow
Proverbs 4:25
Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.
Verse stood out to me due to what I have been working towards with F3.  Just spoke to PAX about focus in on whatever it is that you want, go for it, and don’t let outside things get to you and derail you from what you are working for, whether its family, community or working a better relationship with God.

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