• When: 6-8-21
  • QIC: MuggyTape
  • The PAX: HashnRice, KenDoll, CoonDog, Cheers, RamRod, Lego, Dunphy(R), Garth (R), Soaker, Sonic, Beastboy

Back Home

KenDoll text me to remind to me that I was not excommunicated from Shawshank , so I should Q.  Who am I to tell KD no.  It was good to back to where it all started for me.  Some new faces, some old faces, same wet grass, same sprinklers and the same awesome group of men, oh how I have missed it.  We made it all the way to Mary before the first TWSS comment.

Weather:  70 degrees and MUGGY

The Thang:  Disclaimer, prayer

COP:  All IC

TTT x 15

LBAC 10xforward, 10x backward

Imperial walker x 15

SSH x 15

BOMBS with block, run the length of the field and back in between each set.  Add the next letter to each set until you complete all the letters in a set.

B – Blockees  x 5 

O – Overhead press x 10

M – Murder Bunnies x 15

B – Block Swings  x 20

S – Block Squats x 25


EMOMS  begin the run every minute on the minute.

Sprint  the length of the field.  (was too short)

Sprint down and back ( mumblechatter says it was too long)

Sprint down and back do 5 Squats;  R&R

Sprint down and back do 5 squats and 10 total Bonnie Blairs; R&R

Put the blocks up and head back to the shelter.

Mary:  Used dice to keep it interesting.  I think it worked.  1 dice was the normal 1-6 that chose the exercises.  The second one 10-90 chose the rep count. The exercise options were , Flutter kicks, LBC’s BBSU’s, Gas pumps, boat canoe, American hammer.  I don’t remember all of the rolls but a few 70’s, a 90 were the crowd pleasers. A lot of reps were done.




Be on the lookout for F3 Dads camp information to come out soon.

Stomp the Swamp August 21.  Try to volunteer if you can’t run. Lets show our support for RBHS as they have supported us from the beginning.

Midlands Tour


Ramrod’s mom


Our country/Leaders

Notebook, NoShow, SlimJim, Spackle

Quis daughter

Devo:  Timothy 4:8  

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present like and the life to come.


It was great to be back at the Shank and hear the mumblechatter as if I never left.  There is no place like home.  Thanks to all of the guys that came out this morning to welcome me back.    I promise to not wait so long to come back.  






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