• When: 2021-06-08
  • QIC: Buddy Love
  • The PAX: Moose, Boxwine, Lumbergh, Laettner, Soccer Mom, Joanna, Darla

THE Buddy Love – Take 3


72 degrees and humid (to put it mildly)

Disclaimer/Warm up

  • 10 SSH OYO (I am standing by this not counting thing)

The Thang

Welcome to the third edition of THE Buddy Love

Four stations were set up around the big loop at Depot

  • Station 1 – 10 thrusters; 1 curl
  • Station 2 – 10 squat jumps; 1 monkey humper
  • Station 3 – 10 hand release merkins; 1 plank jack
  • Station 4 (the crowd pleaser) – 10 burpees; 1 big-boy sit-up

Each station was a version of elevens (i.e., lap two was 9 and 2, lap three was 8 and 3, etc.). Goal is to complete ten laps, which should add up to around three miles (Surprise!).


  • Edition 1: Lunch Lady and Fool’s Gold
  • Edition 2: Tentpole, STH, and Soccer Mom
  • Edition 3: none (just like the Barkley Marathons sometimes the course wins).

COT/BOM/End Q (again, it counts regardless of if I counted)


This was my four year anniversary Q. While I did not prepare a Devo, I did share something along these lines:

I have been watching the show Elementary recently. There is a scene where Holmes is talking about his one-year sobriety chip and it not meaning much to him. His sponsor responds explaining its not just about him, it’s about people who haven’t gotten that far yet or other people celebrating his success. While I do not mean to compare F3 with AA, that general idea stuck with me.

When you post, it matters to the other people there. I can guarantee you it matters to me. While doing the hard thing obviously helps oneself get better, it also help the collective group at Depot. Remember that when the alarm hits. People miss your presence when you aren’t there. You being there matters to us. EVERY. TIME. YOU. POST.

So thank you to everyone who has posted over this last four years. Your friendship and the camaraderie means the world to me, and I believe other PAX feel similarly. We have had one hell of a year, and I can’t imagine having gone through it without Depot. I love you guys.

Finally, as my theme was people at Depot mattering to me, my playlist this time was people of Depot themed (As an FYI, those that HC’d and missed don’t get as nice a treatment).

  1. Good Morning by Kanye West (Buddy Love) – How many songs can casually use the word dissertation? Great pump up song.
  2. Going the Distance by Cake (Moose) – It is surprisingly difficult to find songs with the word moose, so I chose this song because it says going a lot. In essence, there are many “Goings” in this song (get it?). Regardless, Moose is a HIM all the way. From leading at Depot or Legacy to how he and his family foster kids, he is top-notch. If you don’t know him, make it a point to as you won’t regret it.
  3. Potholes in My Lawn by De La Soul (Pothole) – Pothole hadn’t attempted THE Buddy Love previously, and that streak is still intact due to issues with either a bus or a dog…
  4. A-Punk by Vampire Weekend (Joanna) – The song mentions Joanna. Interestingly, it’s also by Vampire Weekend so it’s got a Dracula tie-in. In essence, this is their small group of songs. It is also the first song that plays every time I plug my iPhone in my car, just like Joanna is always the first to help if someone has a question he can answer. Dude is a wealth of knowledge and always steps up when a Q is needed. Great guy. Definitely, another HIM.
  5. Purple Stain by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (Darla) – Song has Darla in the lyrics, but I probably wouldn’t bother listening to the rest of the lyrics (it was borderline inappropriate but finding songs wasn’t as easy as you would think). Regardless, Darla has really become a weekday staple at Depot. He is an impressively humble and open person that we all could learn from. If you haven’t had a conversation with him, you should change that in the near future. HIM status achieved.
  6. 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton (Lumbergh) – The Office Space soundtrack is mainly comprised of rap songs that aren’t appropriate for a public park, but there is a cover of 9 to 5 on it so I went with the original because Dolly rules. Lumbergh is another HIM. Leads by example, and is a great AOQ. He has extremely creative Qs and his sense of humor is off the charts. Great dude and extremely glad to know him. Depot is lucky to have him leading.
  7. Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes (Bellhop) – Moose and I may have mistaken his messages as HCs. It’s unclear.
  8. Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder (Laettner) – Laettner played for Duke was the connection for those interested. Regardless, I have really gotten to know Laettner this past year. He is the kinda fella that makes sure to check in on people, as he definitely has with me and others. His example in that regard leads me to make sure to check on others because I realized how much it can mean to someone. Thanks for that lesson, man. No question a HIM.
  9. Strawberry Wine by The Band (Boxwine) – STAND. UP. GUY. First off, he is a silent killer in the workouts. Just consistently kicks ass. Second off, he appears to life his life that way too. Just goes about his business and excels. I’ve had the chance to run with him recently and really enjoyed learning more about him. As with most people on this list, his alma mater is his only real negative. Also, he has a sneaky sense of humor with a period bomb dropped on Depot Chat, great stuff. HIM, no question.
  10. Your Dog by Soccer Mommy (Soccer Mom) – If he wasn’t at a Depot workout on weekday, people would be concerned. He is the Depot leader on the 150 leaderboard and it shows. Always front of the pack but also always picks up the six. Leader in many ways (professionally, scouts, soccer, etc). Really enjoyed getting to know him over this past year. Very selfless guy. Obviously, a HIM.
  11. I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister (Fool’s Gold) – He didn’t HC obviously as he’s off looking at crevices, but if it feels like Depot has been missing something lately, it’s him. Always rounding up the troops. Gives of himself constantly (possibly too much). Everybody knows he’s an all-around great dude and HIM. Can’t want for you to be back in the gloom.
  12. The Missing by Ministry (everyone who was missing…you know who you are) – Come on back fellas. We miss y’all (did I use that word right?).
  13. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum (STH) – Gotta throw a train themed song in for our departed brother. No one would argue he was a true HIM. Miss you man and love you.

See you in the gloom soon everyone. Thanks for putting up with me.

  • Buddy Love

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