• When: 2021-03-15
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Skidmark, Hoist, Dunphy (R), Knozit (R), Dominion, FNG-Popper, Hemingway, Blue Bloods, Cheers

A little mosey before the P200

YHC needed to log some easy miles before the P200, so he decided to reuse his workout from the post Dam to Dam, which was almost a month ago somehow.  Good work by the PAX today and thanks to all of you for allowing an easy one.  It was also good to have FNG Popper here to visit us and hope to have him back again soon.

Here’s how it went today:

Conditions:  Cloudy; mid 50’s


Mosey to track

  1. Stretch 2 minutes
  2. 2 laps mosey
  3. Walk 100m
  4. 2 laps mosey the opposite way around track
  5. Walk 100m
  6. 5k speed run for 100m; 100m mosey on corners
  7. Rinse and repeat for 4 laps
  8. Walk a 200m
  9. Half speed for another 200m
  10. 2 laps mosey
  11. Walk 1 lap then walk to flag
  12. Stretch 5 minutes

Total mileage: 3 miles

FNG: Mike Taylor

  • Friend of Blue Bloods
  • DEA Agent
  • From Texas, lives in Jacksonville

Dunphy suggested we call him “Clarice” for the special agent in Silence of the Lambs > Hemingway pointed out that this was lame > YHC was told in casual conversation that Mike has a grilling speciality and asked Mike about it > Mike mentioned that he makes jalapeño poppers > Blue Bloods said they are delicious and suggested we call Mike “Popper” > Popper



  • 3/19-3/20: P200
  • 4/2: Good Friday Ruck, details to follow soon


  • Notebook
  • No show
  • Slim Jim battling cancer
  • Sick and injured PAX
  • Country
  • Marriages
  • Virus victims
  • Unspoken

In our minister’s sermon yesterday, he spoke about The Book of Acts and how it discusses Stephen, the first Christian martyr who preached that ALL people can be Christian.  He also said that the things the people are doing are against what our ancestors taught and that they need to live differently to be closer to God.  The Jewish leaders did not like this and they sentenced Stephen to die.

The courage to speak out against this had to be unimaginable.  Stephen had to step out of his comfort zone to preach on these topics knowing them to be unpopular.

Is there anything we can do in our daily lives that takes us out of our comfort zones to get closer to God?  Obviously, a sacrifice as big as Stephen’s is not the suggestion here.  Maybe helping in our community, reaching out to a long lost PAX, or even sending a note of encouragement, can make huge changes and bring us all closer to God.

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