• When: 2018-03-01
  • QIC: Overage
  • The PAX: OchoCinco, Chum, Potus, Overnight, Bionic, Grease Monkey, Dirty Bird, Blackout, Copay

Another Big Bucket O’ Suck

Conditions: 65* and Damp

Intro, Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to the block pile and grab 1 block apiece and circle up under the breezeway. I did mention it was damp.
25 TTT with behind the back claps
25 Windmills
Little Baby Arm Circles 25 forward
Little Baby Arm Circles 25 backward
15 Overhead Claps

The Thang:
YHC was feeling a bit annoyed that the rain had derailed my original plans, but I did not want to ask the men of Boneyard to waller around in the mud for 45 minutes. Maybe next time if they will have me back! The rain held off but it was still really wet out.
Given the weather, YHC decided to bring out the Ole Bucket O’ Suck again. I want to mention that there were 2 extra jacks in the pack for a total of 4. Each Jack was worth 10 burpees and they had to go back into the bucket after being drawn. In order to keep the number of reps high, all face cards went back in as well.

Round 1
Hearts = Curls for the Girls
Clubs = Overhead Presses
Diamonds = Merkins
Spades = Standing Lunges

Round 2
Hearts = Tricep extensions or dips
Clubs = Iron Crosses
Diamonds = Merkins
Spades = Block Squats

Prayer Requests: Traveling mercies for Overnight’s son Prince on his assignment to Ft Hood. Dirty Bird’s wife’s grandmother passed at age 99.

– Lexington Convergence, Saturday 6:30AM at RBHS Football Stadium
– Rotary Event this Saturday, contact Dirty Bird for tickets
– Grease Monkey’s gathering – March 14th
– Palmetto 200
– True to Brew