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  • The PAX: Wapner, Fry Daddy, Quisenberry, Tipper, Simon Says, The Big Peter, Swanson, Granola

8 is enough

8 pax braved the start of the cooler conditions for the year and posted at Crusade for what turned out to be a great route (if YHC must say so himself) and great running conditions.

Conditions: 35 with clear skies and a cool crisp breeze

It started like this:
Circle up, Count off (8), Prayer, Discuss the route

And, here is what it was:

– Right onto Hwy 6
– Right onto Andrew Corley
– Right onto Midway
– Some added a loop through the MES front parking lot, this kept the groups closer together on the overall run
– Left onto Oliver Metz
– Right onto Old Sugar Hill – go to the end, or to 20-ish minutes
– Turn and Return to Crusade the same way you came out.

Circle up for:

Count-o-rama (still 8)
11/4 Run Hard 5K at the mall
11/11 Flanigan 10K
12/03 Christmas Parade
12/09 Cottonmouth in Irmo
12/15 Christmas Party
01/26-28 Growruck in Columbia
(T-claps to Wapner for keeping us so well with the announcements lately)

No prayer requests mentioned this morning

In every relationship in your life, if those around you are not better off because you are in that relationship, then you are sinning. That is, if you are honoring God in those relationships, then they will be enriched. Work to overcome your sinful nature and honor God in all that you do.