• When: 2017-10-23
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Wapner, Buttermaker (R), Copay (R), Simon Says, Voltron, B&E, Joust, Itchy (R), Canseco, Fry Daddy, Shake & Bake, Tipper, Granola (R)

50 tenths for 50

13 pax showed up to celebrate and ring in 50 years for Granola.

Contitions mid-40s and overcast, but it didn’t rain on our party.

Until 6 months ago, YHC had a goal of running 50 miles on this, his 50th birthday. However, lingering injuries and extended recovery time derailed that goal. It is with great joy that YHC is now back out there in the gloom, injury free, and getting better with those pax he has dearly missed for 5 months. So, with that goal out the window, but still wanting to do something 50-ish, we ran 50 tenths of a mile this morning. For those mathematically challenged pax, that is 5 miles.

It all began with a starting count (13), a disclaimer, a prayer, and a route.

Let’s Run: (22 minutes out, turn and return)

– left on Hwy 6
– left into Whiteford and run straight through
– left on the little cut-through road that goes over to Hobby Lobby
– if you are not at 22 minutes yet, loop around the Hobby Lobby lot until that time arrives.
– turn and return to Crusade

– Leo Run – Speed 4 Need Chairs – this coming weekend
– Run Hard – 11/04
– Flanigan 10K 11/11
– 10/25 – Date Night at A/R Workshop – Benefit Palmetto Children’s Hospital – Register online

Prayer Requests:
– Praise – Shake & Bake – Surgery went fine, healing nicely
– Buttermaker – prayers for final hearing for adoption

– Romans 7:19-
For the good that I do that I would, I do not, for the evil I would not, that I do. Now, if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwell within me.
Bottom line, sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the things we want to do are not the things God would have us do and to redirect ourselves to honor him. Likewise, the good that we do is only possible through the good that God has placed in our hearts. For that, we can all have joy and be thankful.