• When: 2017-10-28
  • QIC: Big Worm
  • The PAX: Big Worm, Welcome Week, Biggie Smalls, Enterprise, Serena, Beads.

Big Worm’s Spur beat down, middle leg of the Triple Crown (Posting for Big Worm)

Conditions: slightly cool, sunny- perfect
The Thang…
Mosey directly across the field to the pull-up bars. Little Arm Circles, overhead claps, side straddle hops and squats for a quick warm up.
Two laps around the Blatt field, Indian Run.
Then this ladder: 16, 12, 8, 4, 2 squats and Merkins in cadence. After the merkins pull-ups 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Three laps indian run around the Blatt field. 5 pull-ups. Then line up in front of the soccer goal perpendicular to the band practice field, our backs to Wheat Street. Two minutes AMRAP big boy sit-ups. Then, 19 BB sit-ups, lunge walk to a water bottle about thirty feet away, 10 big boys, lunge walk about 20 feet to another water bottle, 10 big boys. Go back to the first water bottle, 10 big boys, back to the soccer goal, 10 big boys.
Three laps Indian Run around the field. Then line up perpendicular to Wheat Street and the following ladder: 10 plank knees to elbow (2 count), 5 burpees, walter payton up the hill to the wheat street brick wall, then back to the line. Rinse and repeat, going down to 5 knee to elbows and one burpee.
Then line with our backs turned and perpendicular to Wheat Street, two wind sprints between the soccer goals. Then flutter kicks three count 10, 11, 12 with 10 seconds rest in between each set.
Wind sprint to the opposite side of Blatt Field, back to Wheat Street side of the field and two burpees to close it out.
T-Claps to the men going for the Triple Crown