• When: 2021-11-30
  • QIC: MuggyTape
  • The PAX: RugMaster, SheShed, HomeBrew, BubbleWrap, MuggyTape

4 Corner Grinder

It was time to get back to work after the long food and drink filled holiday weekend.  It was great to see the Beech Bums back out in the gloom on this brisk fall morning.  YHC had not been feeling so great so a slow paced methodical workout was the plan.  Hope it did not disapoint.  Here is what went down.

Weather:  phone said 27/truck said 36



Slowsy to the bus loop for COP

COP:  All IC

10 – TTT real slow


10ea – LBAC Forward/Backward

The Thang:

4 Cones were set in a square roughly 20yds apart.  Grab blocks.  All movements were done with blocks. 


1-2  Lunge Walk, 2-3 Overhead Carry, 3-4 Overhead Carry Lunge walk, 4-1 Side lunge walk

Round 1 – 20 – Chest presses at each cone

Round 2 – 20 -Bent over Rons at each cone

Round 3 – 15 Crosshanded upright rows at each cone

Mosey around the bus loop to thaw out our hands from the frozen blocks

Round 4 – 20 Shoulder Press at each cone

Round 5 – all of the exercises at each cone (crowd pleaser)

Put blocks up and slowsy back to flag

Countarama/Namerama/Prayer Request:


Thanks to SheShed for leading our Families Helping Families outreach

Be on the lookout for a Happy Hour get together


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