• When: 2020-01-07
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Emmy,AWOL(R),Honeybun(R),Deadstick (R), Harp(R), Fergie(R), Finch, Farmer, Brainiac, Ralphie, Hoboken, Tinkle, Katniss(R).


Conditions cold 43F




This is my 1st Q as AOQ at Snakepit.  It’s been 3 years since I started F3. Actually three years on January 10th. I remember my first workout, for me it was a real eye opener as to how far I had fallen as a man in more ways than one. How did I get here? Not just here at the workout but here in my current condition? Decades of hiding away from who and what I was designed to be. Years of saying I’ll do it next year I’ll get started and change my ways next year. If it wasn’t for an old high-school friend at a chance meeting at a fast food restaurant I would have never been introduced to these men of F3. The first workout was terrifying and when I was done I didn’t want to do it again anytime soon. I remember gasping for air and coughing all the way home and each time I did I felt like I was going to pass out. I remember running with the group and someone yelling speed bump as I tripped and rolled right over the speed bump. I remember months of joint and muscle  pain as my body slowly adjusted to this new routine.  But, something drew me back and it wasn’t the exercise and the suffering. It was the men. How had I gone this long without fellowship with my fellow men.? Something clicked. I woke up from a long slumber that day and realized I had wasted some of my best years not moving forward and accelerating in the manner I needed to. I had neglected myself,my family, my marriage, and my Creator. It’s more than just a workout. We must remember that. Sometimes we get caught up in just the workout aspect the beast mode who’s the baddest the toughest Etc. Its not about that it’s about committing and showing up and being there for each other over the years and building deeper relationships than who the baddest person is in your group or how tough you  are. Because I don’t care how tough you are life is eventually going to hit you with something that knocks you flat on your ass. And, that’s when the real tough work starts and that’s when these men that you’ve surrounded yourself with will Step Up to support you. That is if you have built a commitment base and made it more than just to workout. That’s what keeps me coming back, driving the distance, from my home to Snakepit vs doing the easier thing and posting at several AOs within 2 to 3 miles of my home. when I was asked to be the new AOQ ,at The Pit, in my mind I was reluctant but in my heart I knew what I had to do. If it was only about the workout I would have bailed on these men and this commitment and stayed close to home convenient for me. But, because these men have stood by me and pushed and supported me I knew that it was my time to serve them. I love you guys for everything that you’ve done to support me and other men of the F3 nation.  Remember,  EEHM Every EH Matters . It did for me and am grateful to the HIM that brought me to F3.

Warm up

10 4ct SSH

3 Burpees

10 4ct LBAC 10/10

3 Burpees

10 4ct Fully erect TTTs

3 burpees

10 4ct windmills

3 burpees

10 4ct Michael Phelps

3 burpees


Football field 

3 burpees at goal line and assume bear crawl position wait on all pax to finish burpees bear crawl as a group to the next 10 yards

Then 3 burpees and bearcrawl at every 10 yard line until other goal line then…

3 4 ct mtn climbers.
3 4ct hydraulics .
3 4ct plank Jacks.
3 4ct chilly Jacks .
3 merkins .
3 Carolina dry docks.
3 wide merkins
3 diamond merkins
3 4ct SSH  for shoulder  relief 

Repeat 3 cycles
On track
3 walking lunges(3 each leg) 3 broad jumps 3 walking reverse lunges(3each leg) 3 4ct SSH repeat cycle 3 times
BB stairs. Up and down them 3 times performing 3 man makers on top and 3 MM on bottom start with 3 MMs on bottom. 21 MMs total.

Finish up going back up Big Boys stairs and circling up at the shovel flag for a round of Sizzle burpees.


YHC will Q at Beech House tues 14th

Need to fill Q sheet 

Dam to dam feb15 needs volunteers 

Snakepit trash pick up feb 8th reach out to Brainiac 


Ebert flu

School resumes 

Honeybuns wife 

Deadstick former boss bypass

Bull (F3) blood clots /health

YHCs mom healing 

Thankful for the ultimate 3

God for creation 

Jesus for salvation 

Holy Spirit for guidance 

Your brother 


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