• When: 2020-01-07
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Pole Cat, Rabbi, Kracker, Blockhead, Nub, Urkel, Shank, Rabbi, Happy Trees, Puck, Wino, Wilson

New Year, No new music!

YHC decided to get there at 4:30 to do a little stride light and figured two of my p200 teammates would be joining me. HT showed up at 4:50 and I’m still waiting on Puffy to arrive. Currently he is the leading candidate for fart sacker of the year. All the pax started arriving around 4:55 and the rest trickled in. We started with SSH and then Mayor McFly decided to grace us with his puffer jacket and I started getting blinded for a second but that was just the reflection off of Puck’s dome as he walked up. We then proceeded to do some windmills, through the tunnel, little baby arm circles forward and reverse and mosied to the brick pile.

After everyone got a block, we lined up in a straight line and got with a partner. We did 50 polish pounders and then while one pax did the exercises of 50 burpees, 100 merkins and 150 squats while the other pax farmers carried 2 blocks 40 yards and back. During this exercise, I think Wino and Rabbi were trying to break Kracker and Blockhead but they wouldn’t give up, non like Urkel.

The next round consisted of 50 over head presses, 100 curls for the girls and 150 hand release merkins while the partner did lunges 20 yards and back. Since HT had to leave a little earlier, Nub’s New Years wish came true and he got to be my partner. After that was completed, we did another 30 polish pounders and put up the blocks. We got back to the flag around 543 and did merkins to the song thunder until Wilson called time.

We all gathered around for Name O Rama and there was no announcements and did a prayer Request For Hollywood’s Friend Rick. We did a BOM and I did a little devo on criticism. It was good to have our numbers back up in the double digits and hopefully since school is back in session, Pull Out, Babe and a few of the other fart sackers will be back at the gloom. It was also good to see December to Remember, Pole Cat and the cult hero, Wino.

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