• When: 2020-12-19
  • QIC: Lumbergh
  • The PAX: All Men Of Depot

2020 Depot Superlative Results

Results for the 2020 Depot Superlatives (RE: https://www.f3midlands.com/other/2020-depot-superlatives).

Best Music Playlist – Arrears

From Shakira to J.Lo, Arrears never misses a “beat” when it comes to bringing the beats to Depot.

Hardest Workout – Joanna

It’s a no-brainer that Joanna won this category. When he leads the #MenOfDepot, there is no muscle in your body that’s not aching. From pull-ups to tire flips to 100+ burpees, Joanna is guaranteed to bring the pain.

Best Dressed – Puddin’ Pop

You come to Depot with a collared shirt, you’re going to be voted best dressed. Just imagine what he wears when he’s not working out?!

Guaranteed To Reach Out To You – Fool’s Gold

We’ve all got the text or call from this man. Fool’s Gold is known across all of Lake Murray as a good friend, caring, and someone who writes really good backblasts. We all can learn a lesson with his EH’ing.

PAX You Can Rely On – Stagecoach

This man gets results! From getting lights turned on for Depot to EH’ing 30 PAX for one workout in the middle of October. There’s nothing this guy won’t do for his constituents.

PAX With The Best Stories – JDee

If you’ve had a bad day, a chat with this guy will lift you up. JDee has the best stories that range from WTF to ROTFL.

Most Encouraging PAX – Pothole

Not only is the phrase “Pothole’s watching” a staple at Depot, but even the F3 mothership mentioned Pothole during the Iron PAX Challenge. This man knows how to encourage a fellow PAX to push harder, focus on form, and make us laugh.

Most Creative Workout – Hostel

Hostel doesn’t know the meaning of boring when he Qs. From throwing on Halloween tunes for a “spooky” themed workout to the most infamous “too many directions” Q. It’s guaranteed that this man brings the pain and creativity to his workouts.

Depot High Impact PAX – Moose

If Depot were made of bricks, Moose is the mortar that binds it all together. This non-voting superlative is given to Moose for keeping the workouts running when there was nobody to lead (even if nobody shows up for his Q), keeping PAX accountable when their numbers are off (math stuff), and a constant at Depot when leadership changes hands. There’s nobody else who deserves the title of “knuckle” at the end of their name.

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