• When: 2020-12-01
  • QIC: Lumbergh
  • The PAX: All Men Of Depot

2020 Depot Superlatives

The year 2020 has come to a close! For many of us, this is a relief and happy to ring in a new year. But we have one last need for all #MenOfDepot and that is to cast your vote on the 2020 Depot Superlatives. This is very simple:

  1. Click the link: bit.ly/superdepot2020
  2. Fill out the form by entering your idea of the most deserving PAX for each topic.
  3. Click submit.

#MenOfDepot. Here are some rules:

  • You don’t have to nominate/vote for a Depot regular.
  • Vote once, but if you vote twice, your second vote will be counted.
  • You don’t have to vote for a different PAX for each topic.
  • A PAX can only win in one category.
  • Tie breakers will be decided by current & past Depot AOQs.

And more stuff:

  • The winners will be given a certificate and the most gorgeous plaque that the Ballentine Dollar Tree can provide.
  • Winners will be announced after the Regional Convergence on December 19.
  • Voting will end Tuesday December 15. That’s 2 weeks of pure voting ecstasy.

Have any questions? Show up at Depot on Tuesday & Thursdays @ 0530 or Saturday @ 0630 and ask.

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