• When: 2020-12-17
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Ramrod, Dunphy (R), Hash & Rice, Coon Dog, Lego, Ken Doll, Soaker

2 Years ITG and a Solid Christmas Playlist

2 years ago, Doc Luvin’ and I were talking in my driveway. He said “whatcha doing tomorrow morning at 5:30”?  My reply, “I don’t know”. He told me to be outside at 5:15 and he would bring the coffee. That is the extent of the EH’ing me for this thing called F3. We showed up at Shawshank and I barely made it through a Hash & Rice Q. I thought I was going to pass out, hurl, or soil myself…in other words, it was freaking awesome. That day was life changing as I was introduced into a tight brotherhood which welcomed me from day 1. I now truly understand what it means mentor and be mentored to, be held accountable, and have the genuine care of a bunch of dudes behind me. F3 Lexington is awesome, many good guys at each AO, but Shawshank is a special place with some unique guys who can stand up to anyone. 

Enough sentimental jargon, let’s get to work. The day started early with a D’s Wings calling an audible on my start time for SL. 3 other pax were on time and off to the races and put in over 3 miles at an 8:43 pace. Forrest Gump-esque.

Coon Dog redeemed himself nicely after Tuesday’s musical debacle. He offered up usage of his Old Milwaukee radio and instead of talk radio with Bob and Sherry, we opted for 104.3 WBBQ – Augusta’s home for Christmas music. We had the tunes and rocked through the morning with the likes of Karen Carpenter and Bing Crosby in the background. Heavy workout to the heavy beat of Christmas classics. Heart-pumping and nostalgic rolled into one musical station. Nice touch, Coon Dog.

7 of the finest men around showed up for today’s festivities. Coon Dog, local dj, always makes giving instructions a challenge. He is good for a laugh and a solid dude. Ramrod, party host, puts in solid work and never shirks from a challenge. Dunphy, real estate arms, is a beast. No pictures of me on the fridge but my wife keeps every real estate magnet with his pic front and center. Lego, welcome back, always there for SL and offering encouragement. Hash & Rice, Q’d at my first bootcamp, seems impatient by always telling foks to hurry up (deep down, I think he is kidding). Ken Doll, what can you say, this guy is solid. Always ITG, always positive, always leading. 

Weather: 38 and perfect.

1 minute warning given 20 seconds before 5:30, no FNG’s, disclaimer, opening prayer.

Mosey to the block pile, pick out a winner, return to the shelter.


SSH x 25 IC, LBAC x 10 IC (forward / backward), OH Clap x 10 IC, Burpees x 4 IC (counted by myself), TTT x 10 IC.

The Thang:

Round 1 – Partner up. P1 – 20 merkins, 30 LBC’s – keep flapjacking exercises while P2 has the real fun. Farmer carry 2 blocks around island 1 stopping at each set of speed bumps for 20 shoulder shrugs. Return to the shelter and switch it up.

Round 2 – 25 block squats, 25 JUMBO FLUTTER KICKS (2 ct) – rinse and repeat for 4 sets.

Mosey lap around parking lot island.

Round 3 – 25 curls, 10 burpees – rinse and repeat for 3 sets.

Round 4 – 25 chest presses, 25 bent over rows – rinse and repeat for 2 sets.

Return blocks and mosey back to the shelter.

20 V-Ups OYO, 20 American Hammers IC, 15 Freddie Mercurys IC. Recover.


12/19 – Saturday at Beechhouse 6am.

12/20 – Sunday, 3pm – Ramrod’s house – Christmas party. Bring a dessert, side dish, beverage of choice.

12/20 – Sunday, 6:30am – runvergence at LHS – Fia/F3 – for Digits. Donate old shoes.

1/1 – Convergence at Snakepit (time TBD).

1/1 – Lexington SAFE – starts at noon. Sign up for a slot.

Prayer requests:

Pax – Notebook, No Show, Cowbell’s daughter, Raft’s M.

H&R – coworker follow up visit to doc.

Devo: Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10 – Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. Woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up.

Thanks, F3 Lexington, for supporting each other and me in particular. This group has meant quite a bit to me over the past 2 years. Stay strong and keep making each other better men for our families, community, and each other. 

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