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60-120-180 Shawshank Block Party

Great morning at Shawshank. The mumble chatter started strong and then was sucked up by breathing and counting. Some solid Armericans showed and betterment was accomplished. Thanks to Kenwood for inspiring this awesome beatdown. 

Weather: 52 degrees and clear

No 1 min warning was given



Mosey around the parking lot for a warm-up lap. Stopped just before the soccer field for a warm-up:


10x TTT IC

20x Michael Phelps IC

Mosey  to block pile and line up.  Pair up in groups of 2 for the following.

Round 1 – Partner 1 karaokes/backwards run across the soccer field and back while Partner 2 does the exercise. switch until complete.  

  • 60x Double Block Declines
  • 120x Big Boy Sit Ups (feet in block)
  • 180x Dips

Round 2 – Partner 1 block carries halfway across the soccer field while Partner 2 does the exercise.  

  • 60x Blockees
  • 120x Jumbo Flutter kicks
  • 180x Block Bench presses

Round 3 – Partner 2 sprints accross the soccer field and back while Partner 2 does the exercise.  

  • 60x block Squats
  • 120x incline merkins
  • 180x calf raises

Mosey back to shed just in time for 1 min of Balls to the Wall (the pax favorite)


  • Don’t suffer challenge-April 29th
  • Shawshank anniversary-May 13th


  • Cheers and family
  • Garth’s Wife


Fight all your battles on your knees and you win every time. 


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