• When: 03/19/15
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Julep, Honey Bun, Misty, Chinstrap, Tri-Delta

“Your Workout, YOU Choose Your Adventure”!!!!

During YHC’s adventurous stroll with his fellow brothers in the beautiful city of Charleston last weekend, it was repeatedly drilled into our heads that “we choose our adventure”. Of course wanting to share the “love” with the SnakePit PAX today, YHC felt it would be good to allow the PAX to “choose their adventure”. With that in mind, YHC did the best he could to have 2 different options for each “turn in the road” during the workout. At each predetermined point, the PAX took turns choosing either “A” or “B”. Of course it was quickly realized and pointed out by the brilliant PAX that regardless of which option was chosen, YHC could guide the PAX in which ever beat down he chooses.

Note- The below print in italics is what was chosen by the PAX.

And of course, as with YHC’s previous 5 workouts Q’ed, YHC has a Flutter Kick record to beat. This time the goal was 93. Due to previous Mumble Chatter by Misty, he was given the opportunity to bring the Flutter Kick pain at any time of his choosing, up until 6:05.

CONDITIONS: A Beatiful 48 degrees



Circle up for COP:
SSH x5 ic
TTT x5 ic
WM x5 ic
IW x5 ic
LBAC x5 ic (5 each direction)
BBAC x5 ic (5 each direction)

Count off 1-4

Mosey to wall at top of BBS PAX 1st Choice of Adventure
A. Peoples Chair 2×1:00
B. Balls-to-the-Wall

Descend to bottom of BBS. Merkins x15 oyo
A. Start running counter clockwise around track
B. Start running clockwise around track

Stop at base of next set of stairs. Merkins x15 oyo
A. Ascend stairs
B. Continue running to next set of steps

Stop at base of next set of stairs. LBC x15 oyo
A. Ascend stairs
B. Continue running to corner steps

BBSU x15 oyo
A. Descend down stairs
B. Run along top rim to top of stadium steps

Balls to the Wall 2×1:00. (which ever PAX turn it was choose an exercise- Merkins)
A. Chooser descends down the stairs while PAX Amraps Merkins
B. Chooser Amraps Merkins while PAX descend stairs

Mosey to locker room. Balls to the Wall x1:00

It was at this time that Misty needed a break from the beatdown and wanted to do the 93 Flutter Kick that YHC likes to break out when he Q’s. GREAT job men.

Mosey to Pull-Up bars. One by one each PAX completes 5 Pull-Ups with the encouragement of the others. (T-Claps to Honey Bun on his effort to complete all 5)

Mosey to end line on practice field
A. Elephant walk to approx. 40 yrd line
B. Bear Crawl to approx. 40 yrd line

Mosey to the lower pit and find a big tire. Box Jumps x15 oyo

Mosey to brick pile. Get 2 bricks each
Curls for Girls x15 ic
Tricep Ext x15 ic
Napalms x25 ic

Mosey to middle of lower pit
7 minutes of Mary (a various combination of the below)
– Boat and Canoes
– 6”
– 45
– 90
– Siders

Mosey to end line on practice field
– Mosey to and around the far end goal post.
– FAST FAST Mosey back
First 3 back- Merkins x10 oyo
Last 2 back- Burpees x5 oyo

Mosey back up BBS to front of school.

COT: Chinstrap

Remember our P200 Brothers
Rooney and Misty with knee issues
Cool Runnings- Calf issue

BOM: Julep

Moleskin: T-Claps to that PAX this morning on the effort and mumble chatter.

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