• When: 03/19/15
  • QIC: Say What?!
  • The PAX: Pep Talk, Shank, Chum (Respect), Cabana Boy (#Kotters), Mowgli, Say What?!

March Madness Bracket Beat-down

6 PAX, including YHC’s 2.0, experienced four regional showdowns in a sweet 16 run to the championship.  While it may have been a lot more clear to YHC at midnight, as the final touches were being put on the brackets, the PAX worked out the kinks and should expect another bracket beat-down before March Madness is over.

CONDITIONS:  50° and clearly a great day to be in the #gloom

THE THANG:  Disclaimer & Prayer by Ranger, then split up

  • Walking Little Baby Arm Circles x 30 IC
  • Walking Imperial Walkers x 30 IC
  • Grab Blocks or Bricks
  • Walking Should Press x 20 IC
  • TTT x 30 IC
  • Windmill x 10 IC
  • SSH x 30 IC

March Madness:

Count off by 3’s, each number heads to a region and plays one game before bear crawling, lunging, or crabwalking to the next region.  Sweet 16 gets 16 reps, Elite 8 gets 8, Final 4 gets 4 (x 2).

ARM-adillo Regional

  • Bench Dips x 16 vs. (&) Inclined Merkins x 16
  • Declined Merkins x 16 vs. (&) Balls to the Wall x 16
  • Bench Dips x 8  vs. (&) Declined Merkins x 8
  • Declined Merkins x 4 (rinse & repeat)

AB-erdeen Regional (all with Basketball)

  • LBC x 16 vs. (&) Ball Lifts/Iron Cross with basketball between feet) x 16
  • Russian Twist x 16 vs. (&) Big Boy Sit-up x 16
  • Ball Lifts x 8 vs. (&) Big Boy Sit-ups x 8
  • Big Boy Sit-ups x 4 (rinse & repeat)

BALL-timore Regional (all with Basketball)

  • Ball Squats x 16 vs. (&) Jump Ups x 16
  • Bridge on Ball x 16 vs. (&) Peoples Chair (ball overhead) x 16
  • Ball Squats x 8 vs. (&) Ball Bridges x 8
  • Ball Squats x 4 (rinse & repeat)

BLOCK-ingham Regional (all with Block or Real Bricks)

  • Curls for the Girls x 16 vs. (&) Triceps Extensions x 16
  • High Row Pulls x 16 vs. (&) Block Swings x 16
  • Curls for the Girls x 8  vs. (&) High Row Pulls x 8
  • High Row Pulls x 4 (rinse & repeat)

Ran out of time, so Final Four, Semis & Championship shall be played later!

Returned Blocks and Bricks to pile

Slowzey to Flag with Overhead Claps x 30 IC



  • Nakita & Noah as they are on missions trips
  • Continued prayers for Audra, Sebastian, Walker, and Wyatt and the families of these kids
  • Catheters family member having strokes (still testing for cause)
  • Say What’s Mom


See Crypt’s BB

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