• When: 2019-09-10
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Scotch, Boucher, Ken Doll, Good Hands, Draggo, Brick, Cramps, Mulligan, Irrev, Chuckwagon, Honey Boo Boo, Hoist, Jergens, Slumlord (R), Inspector Mom, Wild Hog, Hedges, Cardinal (FNG), Meatball, Gravedigger, Muggy Tape, Fieldgoal, Argyle, Kenwood (R).

YHC: “Stacy Shealy, 50, Kenwood”. PAX : “RESPECT”. Now that feels a little different!

YHC had my Respect Q today.  There was a good crowd (24 total) with a couple guys that made a little extra effort to show (appreciate that).  The Hollow mumble chatter was almost as thick as the air.  As with most Qs, I tried to break the norm by coming up with some different routines.  This time it was game based with a couple throwback exercises.  The number “50” was certainly kept in mind.

1 minute warning, intro, welcomed the FNG, disclaimer, prayer

mosey around the parking lot into the courtyard for the warm-up (50 total exercises)

  • 10x Imperial Walkers
  • 10x Windmills
  • 10x Cherry Pickers
  • 10x Air Squats
  • 10x Michael Phelps

During the warmup, the CAT guys joined us for a bit.

Mosey towards the band practice field for a game of…

  • Beers on the Wall – PAX plank side by side, take a beer (4″ pvc), do a Merkin with the right hand, role it to the left hand, do a Merkin, roll in down, and take the next piece.  We did a set of 10 beers, followed by 50 Flutterkicks (4-count), followed by a set of 9 beers, followed by 50 Flutterkicks (4-count), followed by a final set of 6 beers.  That gave us 25 beers, or 50 total Merkins.  At this point the CAT guys grabbed their blocks and continued their journey around the school.

The next game was a game of…

  • Dice – a 6 sided dice had exercises/rep on each side.  We rolled the dice (maybe 5 times) and did the prescribed exercises.  I moved the dice game at the last minute and forgot about a needed curb and wall, but we managed to modify.  The 6 sides each had 50 reps…
    • Side 1 – 24x Air Squats, 16x LBCs, 10x Balls to the Wall
    • Side 2 – 24x SSHs, 16x BBSUs, 10m Bearcrawl/Crawlbear
    • Side 3 – 24x Amercan Hammer, 16x Bobby Hurley, 10x Decline Merkins
    • Side 4 – 24x Dips, 16x Gas Pumps, 10x Morning Woods
    • Side 5 – 24x Calf Raises, 16x Overhead Claps, 10x One Arm Bandits
    • Side 6 – 24x Sump Squats, 16x Bonnie Blairs, 10x Diamond Merkins

We then got onto the practice field and lined up along the sideline, planked, and did a round of…

  • Tunnel of Love – which was interrupted somewhat by fireants

then reversed direction for a round of…

  • Weaver of Love – over, under, over

Our final game was a game of…

  • Burpee Concentration.  Like the memory card match game you played as a kid.  The pictures on the front were those of existing and former Nantans, existing and former Hollow AOQs, group events (Thirsty Thursday, BRR, P200), and finally a few special pictures of individual PAX (you had to be there to see these!).  We flipped 2 cards.  No match resulted in a Burpee, A match pulled those cards out the pile.  Towards the end we flipped 4 cards per round to better the odds and help with the clock.  There were 25 total pictures, or 50 total cards.

Nearing the 45 minute mark, we collected the stuff and made our way to the Q-cone (a flashing cone my 2.0 Monster Jam gave me for F3 workouts).  Water and cookies were available.  We named the FNG, did announcements, and prayer…

  • James O’donnell, 34, from Kentucky, Army 15 years, moved here in January, lives in neighborhood across street, many kids, hunt, fish… many names thrown around… Kentucky fan >>> F3 – Cardinal.
  • IronPAX challenge – tomorrow at 5:00 at LHS track – Saturday option being worked out
  • Prayer request – Deadstick – heart procedure today