• When: 2019-09-10
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Utah (R), Bailout, Zika, Recall, Fishwrap, 711, Quest, Baby Heart, Forrest, Notebook, Floppy Disk, Headgear, Rock Drop (R), Long Haul, Short Haul

Arena Finally Gets Fuzzy

YHC was planning thorough beat down of the Arena PAX when I realized… they haven’t yet had the pleasure to Play Fuzzy Balls of Fury! Well, that all changed this morning and I must say, it wasn’t the most organized Q ever. Things got off to a rough start when YHC pulled up to run SL, got out of the car, and nearly choked on the humidity. The plan was to run a few miles, then get back to the AO with 10 or so minutes to spare… It was all down (and up) hill from there. YHC got back with only 3 or so minutes left. So I left the goodies for the game on the hill, then ran back to the SF. More on that later…

When you Q at Arena, you had better have your T’s crossed and I’s dotted, or they WILL let you know about it. All things considered, I got off easy.

#TCLAPS to Floppy Disk for taking charge while YHC was distracted with setting up the game!

#TCLAPS to Quest for staying behind to finish the game setup after YHC was slacking off and causing Floppy to have to Q in his stead!

Conditions: 75 and oatmeal


The Thang —

Mosey from the flag over to east side of the school, near staff entrance for warm up:

Merkins x10 IC
TTT x10 IC

Mosey further up the hill towards Old Cherokee where YHC placed a few toys…

SSH x10 IC
Merkin Ring – every PAX gets down into high plank, and each in turn performs 7 merkins, moving clockwise around the ring. While the PAX worked, YHC set up the cones and tennis balls for later. Once the PAX were done, Quest stayed behind to help YHC finish setting up and the rest of the PAX were sent back down to the school to wait at a light pole. This part also took a tad longer than expected, but never fear, Floppy Disk, the #HIM that he is, stepped up and led the PAX in a few air squats in YHC’s absence. Thanks FD!

Anyway, Q continues:

Count off in 1’s and 2’s to form two teams

Burpee Balls

Each team had a chance to earn Burpee Balls.
For the first ball (10 burpees), both teams had to hold the Merkin position just short of touching the ground. The last man up for his team won the ball. This one came down to Notebook and Headgear, with Headgear barely edging out the win. Well done!

Next the PAX were asked to perform the People’s Chair. YHC had them OHC and even went to on leg, but Forrest, 7-11, Floppy, and Rock Drop all insisted on holding out. Once we went to one leg, and banned crossing over to rest on the knee, they fell fast. Once again, team one took the ball ( 7 burpees )

Last, Balls to the wall. The PAX fell sooner on this one, but it came down to Quest, Recall, and Fishwrap. Quest dominated and took home the prize. Here’s where things got a little controversial. YHC had intended to give Quest two 5-burpee balls, but ended up giving him a 10 and a 5… whoops.

Anyway, on to the game:

Fuzzy Balls of Fury

2 sets of 9 cones with tennis balls on top are arranged down rang about 50 yards away from the start. Each ball has an exercise on it. Each team sends a PAX to fetch a ball, that PAX comes back and then the WHOLE team has to perform the prescribed exercise. The next PAX may then go and get the next ball, once the WHOLE team is done. The first team to clear all cones of balls and finish the reps is declared the winner. The Twist: Each team had the burpee balls that they earned earlier… they use those to sabotage the other team. When a PAX leaves to fetch the next ball, he can take a burpee ball and place it on the other team’s cones. At some point that team will need to remove that ball and complete the burpees.

Exercises done: Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Lunges, LBC’s, SSH’s, Lap around staff lot / bus loop, Dry Docks, Imperial Walkers, Squats

Team 1 won by just a few Monkey Humpers, as each team ended on that exercise. Well done!

Clean Up “Game”:
Relay down the field to pick up cones and lights. Each team sends a PAX to grab a light/cone combo. Team 1 started with a slight advantage, having won the first game; Quest was allowed to grab TWO lights / cones. More controversey… because Utah is coming off injured hammy’s, YHC decided to run along beside him, and get in a couple of sprints. Well, I too, picked up a set of gear in addition to Utah. Team 2 weren’t fans.

After clean-up, it was all but 6am; the PAX mosey’d, or rather swam back to the flag.

– Christmas Party 12/14
– 9/11 Challenge @ Smokehouse; Voltron is trying to form some teams from the Arena PAX Pre-blast here

Prayer Requests:
– Unspoken
– Huge Praise for little Scarlett, finally able to come home from the hospital after spending the entirety of her life ( little over a year ) there!! Thank you God!

Devo: John 13 34-45
    So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.