• When: 2019-09-09
  • QIC: Irrev
  • The PAX: Drisocket, Boat Plug, Banjo, Irrev, Felx Seal

No Man Left Behind

Dearest Martha,

I must say, I am completely fed up with this ungodly heat!  It simply isn’t supposed to be 70 degrees at 5am in September.  The humidity only adds to our misery as it feels as if we are living in a sauna.  (Although I am reminded of the time when we ***REDACTED*** in the sauna at the country club.  I hope those benches are properly sanitized!)

At any rate, today was much like many of the other missions we have embarked on over the past year.  After leaving the base known as the Ice House Amphitheater, we turned right, proceeded down a short hill only to take the very next right turn (Hendrix St.).  We then marched onward into the gloom, but as we went, we were flagged down by a messenger, Kukoc, who told us that we had another member of our squad trying desperately to catch up with us.  As you know, we never leave a man behind, so, as soon as we found a safe location, we circled around to retrieve our belated brother Banjo.

With our squad fully assembled, Drisocket, Boat Plug, Banjo, Flex Seal and I continued on our path, hanging another right on Gibson Road and then again onto West Main St.  I have to tell you—the smells were glorious.  It made me long for your cooking, my love, and they way you lovingly prepare it—especially when we finish it off with ***REDACTED***.  That’s definitely my favorite desert.  Then, to finish our route, we continued with the road as it turned right and took us back to base.  In all, it was a lovely morning, and all is well!  Until I see you again…  all my love!

Yours Truly,