• When: 2018-03-27
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Milk & Cookies, Elmers, Ponzi, Froto, Cheers, Coon Dog, FNG (Welcome) - Josh Robertson (Fishnet), Knozit, Grave Digger, Lego, Ken Doll, Ranger (Respect), Bing, Dunphy, Big Box, Buzz Saw (Respect)

Who drew the #ShortStraw?

A few weeks back while discussing YHC handing off the Shovel Flag at CAT, Ken Doll asked me if I had any plans for today’s date. A quick peek at the calendar revealed nothing, and I replied as such. Ken Doll then informed me I would be Q’ing at Shawshank today. YHC didn’t think much of it at the time, but as the day got closer it was exciting and intimidating at the same time. Shawshank is the mothership of all AO’s on the Westside of the region. Also, knowing the cast of characters that post regularly at Shank, you need to be on your “A” game with cadence (and everything else for that matter), or you’ll be eaten alive. Fresh off the P200, the opportunity is ripe for a #LegDay. Here’s what happened:



*** COP (FNG comes in hot)


Squat X 15 IC


Squat X 15 IC

Mosey across bridge to field on backside. There 5 of the 6 stations were set up. #Cobains for not having the last tire set up, and needing to turn on lights at 3 stations.

One one side of the field was three lighted safety vests, on the opposite side 3 tires. The starting point is in the middle of the field. Get in groups of three, shotgun start at each station.

Station 1 – Lunge carrying block to first safety vest. 25 monkey humpers. Lunge with block back to center. 25 squats with block.

Station 2 – Reverse lunge with block to second vest. 35 Groiners. Reverse lunge back to center. 25 squats with block.

Station 3 – Side lunge with block to third vest. 45 calf raises on block. SIde lunge back to center. 25 squats with block.

Station 4 – Run to first tire. 25 stand ups on tire with each leg. Run back to center. 25 squats with block.

Station 5 – Run to second tire. 25 lunges each leg (one leg on tire, lunge with other leg). Run back to center. 25 squats with block.

Station 6 – Run to third tire. 35 sit down, stand ups on tire. Run back to center. 25 squats with block.


Rinse and Repeat until time called. Mosey back to SF.


Welcome FNG “Fishnet”.

YETI raffle for LLS3/30 – Cross Ruck 3:45am – Meet at St. Stephens Cemetary
3/31 – The Mission Anniversary

4/21 – Double Down opportunity. Post at Shank, then do BC with men at Homeless Vets shelter

4/28 – Brew Ruck
5/5 – F3 Lex 3rdF 5K. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/other/preblast-for-f3-lexington-3rdf-5k-2
5/19 – Ultimate Challenge Mud Run

7/14 – Carolina Reaper

9/7-8 – BRR

***Prayer Requests:

Milk & Cookies: Brown Family daughter born with genetic disorder passed away yesterday.

Cheers: Aunt in San Antonio battling breast cancer

Milk & Cookies: Family at SGPC had a relative killed by drunk driver in Orangeburg



I appreciate the opportunity to come over and Q at this AO with these guys. Proud of the effort put forth with a bunch of men with tired, sore legs. #BlameCheers for the leg day. He proudly proclaimed that the tougher thing gets done at Shawshank, so leg day it was. He wasn’t wrong. Great work and see y’all again soon.