• When: 01/29/15
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Clinch, Sawdust, Snake, FNG- Foghorn (John Lastinger), JJ, Notebook, Field Goal, Grave Digger, Muggy Tape, Bullpen, Donatello, Slumlord, Knozit, Pew, Yee Ha, Genie, Elmers, Scotch, Heisenberg, Onside, Chinstrap

Welcomed to the Shank, With Arms Wide Open!!!!

CONDITIONS: A “little” chilly but nothing a few Burpees can’t help


Upon arrival at Shawshank in the gloom, YHC was welcomed with open arms by many brothers that he hadn’t seen I awhile. In the back of his mind, he also hoped that the love would still be there after the workout. Time would tell.

After reading many previous BB’s and following twitter, YHC knew that if he signed up to Q his previous AO home he’d have to bring his A game. Thankfully due to many, many, many hours of window time with his job, YHC came up with what he thought was a beat down worthy of these highly trained PAX. But as always, the PAX stepped up to the plate and man-handled whatever YHC threw at them, even a small handful of flutter kicks.


-Burpees x14oyo (YHC thinks he heard someone say “we aren’t supposed to do Burpees PRIOR to COP”. Sorry I was just trying to warm you up)

Mosey to small soccer field for COP
-SSH x21ic (YHC lost track due to extensive Mumble Chatter)
-IW x20ic
-TTT x20ic
-WM x20ic
-LBAC x20ic (10 forward/10 backward)
-BBAC x20ic (10 forward/10 backward)
-Flutter Kick x88ic (probably the crowd pleaser but hard to tell over the chatter) YHC explained to the PAX that he had a predetermined # of reps planned but if the PAX guessed WHY, not the #, this # was chosen we could stop. YHC acknowledged the difficulty of the riddle but didn’t really want them to guess it anyways. Forgive me  88 four count Flutter Kicks = 176 total Flutter Kicks. 176 is the # of days since YHC’s last Q at Shawshank. Point of this was that we need to encourage each other to “travel” more. Unless of course you enjoy Flutter Kicks. I Do 

Mosey to end line of middle soccer field
Form 2 lines
-Dble Applesauce except Lunging instead of Running. PAX in the back Bear Crawls to the front. Continue until end of field

Mosey to top of small hill for B.L.I.M.P.I.E.S. PAX descend hill and perform exercise before ascending back up hill. PAX face down hill at ALL times. R&R for remaining exercises
-Burpees x10oyo
-Lunges x20oyo
-Iron Crosses x30oyo
-Merkins x40oyo
-Plank Jacks x50oyo
-IW x60oyo
-Everything x70oyo (YHC underestimated the complexity of this, sorry)
-SSH x80oyo
Plank when done
-NOTE, due to time constraints, YHC cut this segment short in order to get some more pain in.

Mosey to building
-People Chair 1:00 x2 (lots of Mumble Chatter here. SUCCESS)

Mosey to grass between parking lots
-Mary x6:00 (LOTS of Mumble Chatter. Makes the pain and cold worth it)

Mosey back to building for COT.

COT: Chinstrap


BOM: Chinstrap

DEVOTION: Donatello

MOLESKIN: TCLAPS and THANK YOU to these men at Shawshank for allowing me to lead you this morning. It continues to amaze me that EVERYTIME I visit another AO (yes I know it should be more often) there are always new faces in the crowd. This in-itself is a testimony of how the men of F3 are leading their lives and spreading the word of F3. Keep it up men!!!

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  1. Excellent Q, Chinstrap! It was nice having you back home for an old fashion suck-fest. I honestly thought you had forgotten to post the backblast. Didn’t even think to look under Snakepit. You may want to edit the post so that it shows under Shawshank so that the rest of the PAX know it exists. Looking forward to seeing you guys Saturday!

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