• When: 02/05/2015
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX: Mayham, Genie, Pew, Dunphy, Bedpan, Half Empty, Scotch, Notebook, Heisenberg, Lego, JJ, Muggy tape, Saw Dust, GED, Shotgun???, SlumLord, Elmers, knozit, HotSpot, GraveDigger, Clinch, Quest

Welcome back to the Shank

22 PAX welcome YHC back to the shank with open arms. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Disclaimer and Prayer

SSH – 25 IC
TTT – 25 IC
Arm Circles – 15 each way IC
Merkins – 10 IC
Squats – 25 IC

Mosey over to end of field

Sprint to each light pole
Burpies – 10 OYO
Until you hit the end
Plank when finished
I believe I counted 7 Light poles so 70 total Burpies

Mosey to Brick Pile and Grab Block, Hold it over head and take it over to the fence
2 sets of 3 Way calve raises on the block (10 straight, 10 heels in, 10 heels out) Leave the Block, we will return for more
Head back over to the Brick pile Grab 2 Bricks, if you drops your bricks, everyone does 5 burpies
While we are on the move everyone does curls for girls
Head to Water Tower Hill

Bear Crawl up with Bricks
Squats – 10 OYO (w Bricks)
Run to bottom
Carolina Dry Docks – 10 OYO
Bear Crawl up
Squats – 9 OYO
Run to bottom
Carolina Dry Docks – 9 OYO

All the way to down to 1
Plank until all are complete

Take Bricks back – Curls for girls while running

Head back to your blocks
2 sets of 3 Way calve raises on the block (10 straight, 10 heels in, 10 heels out) Take Blocks back holding overhead

There was so much more fun planned but we ran out of time, oh well there always next time

– Convergence at Snake Pit 2/7 with Go Run 5k after
– Make My Day 5k/12k 2/14
– Lexington Race Against Hunger 2/28 5k/10k
– Mud Run pre-blast is live, get your teams together and send info to No Show. Lexington is the host region this year.
– Pax training for P200 and F3’s first custom GORUCK Heavy in March
– Convergence at Graveyard for 1-year anniversary 3/7, goal is to have 180 pax.
– GORUCK Custom Light w/ F3 and FiA 5/1

Prayer Requests
– Lego’s Wife passing a Kidney Stone
– Knozit’s dad has some tests today

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