• When: 02/19/15
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Blindside, Blackout, Thumbs Up, Breakfast Club, Co-Pay, Buttermaker, Voltron, Noah, Fracture, Floater, Freon, Chinstrap

Warmth Comes From With In…… A Couple Flutter Kicks Will Help Though.

When YHC HC’d to Q Crypt a few weeks back he had no clue what the weather forecast would be. Then again, history shows that the “professional weather men” had no clue either. Despite the promise of unseasonably slightly cooler temps, YHC set 2 alarms to ensure he didn’t miss the opportunity Q the men of Crypt. After putting on numerous layers and reviewing his Weinke, YHC quickly realized that he probably over dressed for the occasion. But after stepping out of his vehicle at the AO, YHC knew he was under dressed, for now anyways  YHC also wasn’t sure how many PAX would take the Red Pill with the forecast but shouldn’t have been surprised when 12 faithful arrived at the AO ready to be put through the ringer. YHC did his best to warm them up quickly and efficiently.

CONDITIONS: A cool mid 20’s degree.



Jog/High Knee/Butt Kick in place x1:00

Mosey to upper field for COP (Oops, YHC forgot to have the PAX pair up with like-size PAX so half-way to the upper field, YHC had to the PAX stop under the light to pair up)

YHC secretly wanted to beat his previous record of 89 Flutter Kicks IC so when we had a late arrival join us, YHC felt it was in order to put him on the spot, with love of course. YHC asked this late arriver to pick beginning, middle or end. He picked beginning soooo….
First exercise is… Flutter Kick x90ic (crowd favorite) (YHC was accused of showing off but really he just wanted to help the PAX get that 6-pack in time for summer)
SSH x20ic
TTT x20ic
WM x20ic
IW x20ic
LBAC (10 forward/10 backward)
BBAC (10 forward/10 backward)

Form 2 lines at end of field
Indian Lunge w/ Bear Crawl to other end of field. YHC provided the PAX with 2 “garters” (named by Blindside) that were to be carried by the Bear Crawler and passed back to the last person in line before they Bear Crawled to the front. This was to help to keep any anxious PAX from taking off to early.

Get with your partner.
PAX 1 BBSU x30 oyo while PAX 2 is holding PAX 1’s feet and doing Mtn. Climbers at the same time.
PAX 1 BBSU x20 oyo while PAX 2 is holding PAX 1’s feet and doing Peter Parkers at the same time.

Mosey to top of paved ramp leading from parking lot to upper field for some B.L.I.M.P.S.
YHC explained the following. PAX will run downhill and UNDER the chain perform the necessary exercise. PAX will then go back under the chain and run BACKWARDS back up to the grass before descending again for the next exercise.

B- Burpees x10 oyo
L- Lunges x20 oyo (10/leg)
I- Imperial Walkers x30 oyo
M- Merkins x40 oyo
P- Plank Jacks x50 oyo
S- Squats x60 oyo

Due to time constraints and his love for Mary, YHC cut this portion short when the 1st 3 PAX completed the B.L.I.M.P.S.

Mosey to the parking lot for Mary until time ran out.
Flutter Kicks
Hello Dollys

Mosey back to Shovel Flag

COT: Chinstrap

Goruck Heavy- March 13th
Goruck Light- May 1st
20 mile ruck- Friday night at 23:30 from Enterprise on 378.
Marathon ruck- 27th and 28th Downtown
P200- March 20th and 21ST
Both of Lexington’s 3rd F option were mentioned
Mudrun, April 11th

Numerous prayers requests. YHC doesn’t remember them all (phone turned off while recording) but the Good Lord above knows each and every one.

BOM: Chinstrap

DEVOTION: YHC relayed a testimony to the PAX concerning a recent FNG who was introduced to F3 because of the actions that a handful of PAX showed to his M. When I relayed the story to my M, she immediately said “That’s what F3 is about”. Even though she didn’t tell me to this time, I couldn’t agree with her more. Well done PAX. Way to show who is 3rd.

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