• When: 02/19/15
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Columbo, Alter Boy, Ginger

3 Pax roll the #ManDice at Jumanji

A very special cold weather spell deserves a very special event.  YHC had the good fortune to come across some Brick Dice (aka #ManDice) that will forever leave any Q at #Jumanji with a perfect fall back plan.  While the bitter wind was chilling, the pax came prepared & got moving enough to stave off the cold.  Nice work in the frozen tundra gloom.

Conditions: 20 (felt like 12 w/ wind), clear

The Thang:

Mosey around rubber track, searching out a non-windy spot
Eventually arrive to the Great Northern Jungle of Jumanji

COP (all 20 reps IC)
Lil Arm Circles
Mosey (the wind picked up & carried us deeper into the woods)

Mosey around track & return to the “Canteen” (that’s what AB calls it at least) for the game.

Dice Game:
Pax take turns rolling both dice
Odds = LBC’s
Evens = Merkins
Doubles = Burpees
Rinse & repeat until all possible numbers are rolled (2-12)
#Tclaps for all the fun work here.  AB using the wall helped us get the boxcars we were looking for.  Number 11 proved to be more elusive.

Mosey to brick pile (the pile of bricks, not the @F3Columbia AO)
Dealer’s Choice
Curls 4 da gurlz
Squat press
Russian Twist w/ a Twist (start w/ 2 bricks, drop 1 every 10 reps)
Shoulder press
Goblet squat
Bent over rows

6 min o’Mary
Freddie Mercuries
Flutter kicks
LBC’s (because we hadn’t done enough yet)

Mosey to frozen flag for COT/BOM


  • Stampede will converge with Stride for the Darn 5K at the Dam this Friday morning

Prayer requests:

  • Praise for Altar Boy’s sister who had successful surgery on a severely broken leg. Also prayers for a speedy and healthy recovery.

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