• When: 2018-10-16
  • QIC: Etch-A-Sketch
  • The PAX: Bernie, Inuit, Glow Rod, King James, Tspot, Where's The Beef, Ochocinco

Walk in the Park

Posting for Etch

The air was clear aside from the slight smell of beans as we took a stroll through the park.

Conditions: Clear and humid

Stroll around the park @F3Jumanji
8 Pax joined to start this Tuesday in October off on a better foot.

Disclaimer and Prayer to send us off..

Mosey to snack bar….
TTT x 10 ic
SSH x 15 ic
Imperial Walker x 10 ic
Hydraulic x 10 ic
(aka Makhtar N Draiyer)

Mosey to Legoland for a block

The Thang…..
Everyone has a block
Q supplied a Sandbag
The Mission is to complete a lap of the park. All while carrying the coupons. Stopping along the way at stations for extra entertainment. Partner up!!
The lead duo carry their blocks and sandbag as a team. Remaining pax follow them to forward stations.
Station Entertainment
Merkins x10
Lunges L+R w block x10
V-Ups x10
Imperial Squat Walker x10
Man makers w block x10
Toe Taps x10
Inch worms x10
Step ups w block x10
Back to Legoland to complete a loop.

Onto Etch-a-Sketch’s spin on Marry. Pax circled up tight. Backs to the center to pass the sandbag around the horn. Think American Hammers!! Then on our feet for a forward facing circle of Pax. Passing the sandbag around again. This time 4 rounds with half Burpees. Then 4 more rounds with full Burpees. Everyone knows you can’t workout without Burpees!!!

Announcements: The Mission Cookout at Seven Oaks Park Thur at 5:30, Columbia F3’s 6 Year Convergence Saturday at 7am.

Prayer Requests:  For Inuits health, The sale of Glow Rods house.