• When: 2018-10-16
  • QIC: Arrears
  • The PAX: Trix, Laettner, Phone Booth, Sir Topha Hat, Fool's Gold, (runner1) Milkbone (runner2), Penthouse, Praire Dog, Moose (knuckle), Turkey Burger, Chubbs, Soft Toss (respect), Coppertone


Conditions: 71 degrees, and surprisingly warm. The PAX knew it was warm when they saw Coppertone pull up to the AO.

Disclaimer: Air tight.


First excercise – chase the two runners down the hill of the entrance. It was obvious the 12 of us were not going to catch them so:

  • TTT x 10 IC
  • LAC x 10 (only forwards, YHC didn’t want to tax the PAX so early)
  • Run to the dark side, 20 LBC’s OYO
  • Back to the bottom of the hill: IW x 10 IC, Hillbillies x 10 IC
  • Run to the other entrance, 20 LBC’s OYO
  • Run to the block pile, get a block, meet at the track.


In the words of R. Kelly “there ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump and grind” and 12 PAX were about to do just that.

Drum roll…… Welcome to the Arrears 500. An old friend to some, a new experience for others.

  • 5 cones around the track. 4 laps to complete. Each cone has an exercise to be performed by each PAX. Lap one each PAX Cusack’s the block to each cone. Lap 2, no block. Lap 3, with block. Lap 4, no block.
  • LAP 1: Cone 1 – Chest Press x 50. Cone 2 – Curls x 50. Cone 3 – Overhead Press x 50. Cone 4 – Bent Over Rows x 50. Cone 5 – 10 Squat Thrusters, 20 Curls, 10 Overhead Press
  • LAP 2: Cone 1 – Merkins x 50. Cone 2 – Plank Jacks x 50. Cone 3 – SSH x 50. Cone 4 – Carolina Dry Docks x 50.. Cone 5 – Bear Crawl to the next cone
  • PIT STOP (AKA PAX Killer): Before beginning Lap 3, each PAX grabs a second block and farmers carry for one lap
  • LAP 3: Cone 1 – Squats x 50. Cone 2 – Lunge Walk to the next cone while Cusaking. Cone 3 – Tricep Extensions x 50. Cone 4 – Monkey Humpers x 50.. Cone 5 – Sumo Squat x 50

At this point 92% of the PAX quit working out  but for what its worth:

  • LAP 4: Cone 1 – LBC x 50. Cone 2 – Flutter Kicks x 50. Cone 3 – Rosalitas x 50. Cone 4 – Russian Twist x 50.. Cone 5 – Iron Cross x 50

Close finish between, Chubbs, Turkery Burger, and Phonebooth. Shout out to these true beasts.

Turkey Burger Victory Lap

  • Mosey to the hill at the entrance for the Victory Lap. Turkey Burger chose BBSU. PAX run down the hill 10 BBSU, up the hill 9 BBSU, so on and so forth until 1. This was performed while listening to Natural Mystic which added a certain je ne said quoi

No Announcements. Great work by everyone, see y’all when I get back.