• When: 2019-08-27
  • QIC: Caravan
  • The PAX: Bar Crawl, Wingback, Viper, Boo Boo, Rumble Strip, New Helmet, Postal, Adluh, Pennyworth, Banjo, Buble, Blue Rhino, Bondo, Rook, Caravan, Cream Cheese, Danica

VQ from Caravan

Editor’s Note: #TClaps to Caravan for bringing a strong VQ that completely eliminated all chances for mumblechatter.  Rumor has it that he also ate breakfast before he came out!!  Here’s how it went down:

70 and more humid that we’d have guessed

7 PAX total to take on Big Timber


Side-straddle hop x20
Little baby arm circles fwd x10
Little baby arm circles bw x10
Imperial Walker x10
Through the Tunnel x10
Windmill x10

Round 1 (4 min):
Merkins x20
Hold Position
Slow Merkins x5 (Qs count)

Round 2 (30 min):
(A)7 of diamonds
7 burpees @ 1st corner
14 flutter kicks @ 2nd corner
21 merkins @ 3rd corner
28 squats @ 4th corner
Repeat x4 (4 laps total)
(complete last lap with 6 so everyone catches up)

(B)Full lap with 21 mountain climbers @ each corner
Full lap with 14 alternating lunges @ each corner
Full lap with 7 burpees @ each corner

Wrap-up (3 min):
Flutter-kicks & scissor kicks (side-to-side, not up-and-down)




  • P200 Team – Let Boo Boo know if you are interested!


    • Chris Miano (Meeyahno): Wife just passed away. 5 kids.
    • Regina: Just lost her husband Wade in a motorcycle wreck. She has 4 kids (his step kids). Family strife/unrest.
    • Church on Decker that had a shooter come in on Friday. possibly 8 injured.
    • Joel (Pew): Pastoring a church in Mobile AL that’s struggling. Also lost his son recently.
    • GED: Son is coming back from 2nd tour in Afghanistan.
    • Viper: Headed back to NY for school.


John 21:15-17

Jesus: “Do you love me? … Feed my sheep.”

This was for Peter, and in a general sense for us, but is also meant personally for us.

Do we really love Him?
Then are we doing what He has called us to do?
For Peter, that was “taking care of Jesus’ sheep.” That was his calling. Jesus was simply reminding him of that calling, which he had lost sight of.

What has God called us to do?
At work?
At home?

What’s your passion?
What are you gifted at?

Your purpose (calling) is found at that intersection.

Be encouraged to run hard after that calling. If you are, press in deeper! If you’ve lost sight of it, or have let life distract you from it, let it be reignited in you, and go after what it is that Jesus is calling you to!