• When: 2019-08-27
  • QIC: Boatplug
  • The PAX: Drisoket, moist, pop off, trickle, flex seal, navy bean(respect), puck, Moana, cdv, overage, muggy tape

Famers carry of the fields

Thanks to the pax to supported my VQ.

Weather was nice 72 with mild breeze (perfect farming weather)


Work out was inspired by the number 3 for today is my daughter 3rd birthday.

Started with 30 little baby arm circles

30 through the tunnel

After getting some good stretching in we played a little 3 relayed football trivia.

With 1st correct answer farmers carried 100yds with 3 bumpers and farmers carry back

With 2nd wrong answer farmers carried to 50yd line and did 33 lbc then farmers carry back

With 3rd answer correct we carried one block overhead100yds did then 3 skull crushers and 100yds back

With 4th answer correct did lunges to the 50 with block and back.

With 5th answer correct farmer carried to the 100 did 3 merkin and back

With 6th answer correct farmer carried to the 50 did 33 calf raises with a block on a block

After that went back to block pile and head to flag.


9/11 smoke house challenge

Stomp the swamp sign ups

Ironpax workout begin next Tuesday

Prayer request

Family that lost child in a four wheeler accident

To all unspoken prayers