• When: 2019-02-23
  • QIC: Argyle
  • The PAX: Buttermaker, Rebar, Globo-Gym, Quizenberry, Wapner, Booster, Fast Casual, Sippy Cup, Conseaco, Candy Stripe, Utah, Granola, Dear Diary, Pickaxe, Argyle


After spending the better part of last weekend in the cold, cold rain, YHC has really struggled to get out of bed and get back to workouts. The best cure for that is to sign himself up for a Q that will force him to get up and get after it. I was willing to get up; I, however, was not willing to get wet again. I decided to modify the old deck-of-death into a rousing game of F3 UNO!!! (All under the breezeway to stay dry)

All the rules of UNO! apply, all the time. As a player plays a card he then runs to the end of the breezeway to perform the work. Yellow card = Merkins, Red card = 4 ct mountain Climbers, Green card = squats, Blue card = Iron Crosses. # of reps = the card number. Wild card = 5 burpees, reverse = you do your previous workout over again, skip you do the next workout with the pax who follows you, =2 add two reps to your previous workout. losers owe 10 burpees while the winner shuffles, plank while you wait on your turn.

The game quickly devolved into a do what you want after tuning over a card. Some Pax even decided that they wanted to run parking lot laps. It was fun and I stayed dry. I cover 2 miles under the breezeway and work was done in-between running.

After count-a-rama, All the Pax divided into 2 teams that I didn’t understand and one team had to do 5 elf on the shelf because they had less than the other team.