• When: 2019-11-28
  • QIC: Sunday Driver & Wapner
  • The PAX: Buttermaker, Little Giants, Sunday Driver, Booo, Pocahontas, , Jobu, Quisenberry, Wapner

Turning 40 in a Turkey Trailblazer

8 PAX showed up for a turkey workout that all our beautiful turkeys should have been working on throughout this Thanksgiving season.  The front 4 turkeys started with a strong calorie burning Ruck to cut the fat with Pocahontas.  The collective group then began with working on all possible flight options by working on our wings.  We all even learned how to build a fence around the planter today to help contain our beautiful turkeys.  Finally, we finished with our turkey escape plan called the Turkey Trailblazer to beef up our turkey legs and build our upper body strength for the slaughter.  Then finished with a “Regal” game of tag football to commemorate the feast!  This is how we devoured our turkeys today:

Conditions:  mid 40’s with a brisk chill 

The Slaughter Begins:

Disclaimer – Prayer

Flying Turkey Warm up:

• SSH x 15

• TTR x 10

• LBAC x 10

Then Mozey with arms in flight position:

• RLBAC x 10

Mozey with arms still in flight:

• OAC x 15

Mozey again with arms still in flight:

• RtR x 15

Mozey to the planter to begin:  Build the Turkey Pen:

• Arm Dips x 15 – cutting the post

• Inverted plank into Merkins x 10  (4 times) – hammering down the post

• Plank shimmey to the left x 2 – unrolling the fence

• Plank shimmey to the right x 2 – unrolling the fence

Mozey to the stairs to begin:  The Turkey Trailblazer:

• Running track laps w/4stations

• Calf raises x 10

• Squats x 10 at top of stairs

• Reverse bear crawl down the hill

• Pullups x 10

• Decline Merkins x 10

• Rinse and repeat till time is called

Finished with The “Regal” game of Tag Football:

• 1 Burpie after every dropped pass (believe it was x 25)


• Pocahontas with a 60% completion rating (can be contested but his amazing playmaking energized Josh Allen)

• Butter Maker with 6 broken passes and 2 possible INT’s (up for discussion)

• Sunday Driver & Wapner with most receiving yards (ya, Wap was tough in the slot)

• Quisenberry & Jobu with the TD’s

• Boo’s goal line stance was impeccable at the end (Pocahontas called a timeout after an awful throw to repeat 4th down which led to the game tying TD)

• ESPN #1 play of the week goes to Little Giants with his circus catch to put them on 1st and goal (remember hearing something about cleats failing him)

COT – Announcement – Prayer Requests – Prayer

I would like to thank JoBu (buuuuu!) for getting me involved with this group and the support of TP to continually grow me in Health, Mind and Body.  HUGE thanks to Wapner for pushing me with a simple question on Tuesdays Q to allow me to do my 1st Q!  Last shout out is to Pocahontas who came out with an injury to show support for my VQ and stayed for some great QB work!  Here is to many more Q’s and to continue to grow and get stronger with my F3 brothers.

-Sunday Driver

Prayer Req:

Traveling PAX; Jobu/Pocahontas/SundayDriver’s friend’s dad Ray; Sunday Driver’s wife’s uncle; Jobu’s coworker’s mom; Wapner wife’s coworker Meredith; Eli; Flex Seal’s cousin and family


12/14 – Christmas party

12/24 – Nativity Ruck

Saturday 11/30 is business as usual at TP

Still collecting for FHF