• When: 2018-12-27
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Beetle, Eve, Ballboy, Strut, Wingback, No Help (Fly by), Rocking Chair-R

Turkey Burner

The second call to the bullpen in 2 weeks left YHC in the position of Q-ing a workout on the fly.  Fortunately, the pax were in the mood for work ….and so it was done.  Prayers up for Chandler and Buttermaker to get better soon.

1 minute warning, check for FNG’s, Intro, disclaimer, BOM, GO

SSHx 15 IC, TTT x 15, IC, Windmill x 15, IC,  follow me for a warmup lap around the parking lot.

The pax was given the choice between the Merlow Mile or the Deck of Death.  Brother Wingback spoke up immediately for the pax and requested the Merlot Mile.   so….YHC modified to 1/2 mile out and back, for 1 mile-ish distance.

On arriving back at the start point YHC brought forth the infamous Deck o’ Death for some variations on several card games.  (Winning hand determined the exercises to follow.)  For some reason SSH x 100 came up several times much to the delight of the Pax.  The Deck was a real crowd pleaser, judging from the decreasing levels of mumblechatter meter.

After several hands and several trips around the parking lot, our time was up for this mornings adventure in the gloom and work had been done. (Also, several vacant slots in the Q sign up Master Board were filled…..I guess the pax didn’t want YHC to Q again so soon???

Count a rama, Name a Rama

Announcements: Harbisson 50K is coming up Jan 5th and those not signed up are asked to consider volunteering.

YHC and M are hosting a Bowl Party, December 29th, from noon until … Bring a bowl of snacks and BYO drinks.  415 Huntington Dr.

Prayer Requests: Digits Family and FIA sisters ad F3 brothers , those traveling and ill, unspoken, Clamdigger.