• When: 2020-11-19
  • QIC: Treadmill
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Sunday Driver, Canseco, DARPA, Simon Says, Swanson, Booster, Pick Axe, Buttermaker, Treadmill

Treadmill’s back on the Q sheet

10 PAX posted for Treadmill’s first Q in a while. Heck it was his first post in a while. Stomach issues. More on that in a min. A deal is a deal, so YHC (Booster) will write the backblast for today on behalf of Treadmill. Some of the events listed below may or may not have happen

Conditions- About 30 degrees and clear


To say the Q showed up unprepared would be an understatement. He had a lot going on this morning. Took the Browns to the super bowl if you know what I mean. After asking YHC what time it was at 5:01am and asking him to keep an eye on the time since he forgot his watch (he dropped it in the toilet after a slight Elvis sighting prior to the workout and then used grill tongs to try to get it out.. and they are having hamburgers tonight…that should be tasty…). 

Disclaimer… opening prayer


Moseyed to back parking lot for a COP continuance… arm circle routine, mountain climbers, and a few other things I can ‘t remember.

Moseyed over to the curb for some curb work. Did some toe taps, lateral jumps, bunny hops, and cha-chas. The imbalance started here when we only did right leg first cha-chas. We never did the left leg first ones….ever. 

It was during the cha-chas that Treadmills second Elvis flare up of the day happen. Lets just say it was a good thing he was wearing a couple of layers.

Moseyed down toward the planter, but first did some wall sits on the column. Then over to the planter, where the imbalance continued as we did about 1/3 more planter slides to the right side than the left.

Next to the stairs… for some calf raises. Here we did some single-leg (left leg only calf raises). What in the world is going on.

Next… at the bottom of the stairs we had 5 squats…. run up the stairs for 5 donkey kick burpees. Rinse and repeat a couple of times. Mosey around the track from some loading the arc on the basketball court. Bear crawls, Gorilla lunge, crab walk, duck walk, alligate walk.

Mosey back to flag for 1 min of plank and then count-a-rama, name-a-rama

Announcements- Mission lexington drive, FHF deadline is today talk to DARPA

Prayer requests- Abbey (from Buttermaker’s church), Virus and thanksgiving gatherings


Devo- amidst all of this, keep our eyes on Christ.

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