• When: 2020-01-28
  • The PAX: Treadmill, Netflix, Swanson, Fry Daddy-R, Booster, Dance Off, Wilbur, Arrears, Pick Axe, Sunday Driver, Tater, Tattoo, Canseco, Pearl-R, Weekend Special, Dance Machine-R, The Nature Boy-R, Bulldog, Ch-Heddar.

Traveling Pain Stations make a stop at TP

It had been too long since YHC had visited Turning Point.  So, it was time to take the pain stations on the road and get them set up for the TP Pax to navigate this morning.  We chose the back parking lot as our staging area for this morning…so everything stayed well hidden from the PAX until we moseyed around the corner of the school….where they found their surprise for this morning.  Here’s what went down:

Conditions:  a very slight breeze and a real feel temp of 40 degrees.  Conditions were rather prrrrfect.

18 Pain Stations were ready for the PAX to complete.  45 minutes to do so.  Once a station is completed, PAX are to run to cone at end of parking lot and complete 10 LBCs.  Then, run back to a station that has not been completed yet.  Here’s the list of stations…..number of exercises will stay a mystery until this one visits your AO in 2020.  I promise, it didn’t take long for us to start sweating.  YHC warned Pearl that he was overdressed for the occasion.  His fur coat came off about 10 minutes into the workout.

Block Merkins, Decline block Merkins, Man-Makers with block, Plyo-Merkin block drag, Shoulder taps with bricks, Iron Crosses while static pressing block, BBSUs with feet in block, American Hammers with bricks, Block Curls, Tricep extensions with bricks, Goblet squats with block, Alternating log press while seated on block, Shoulder press with block, chest press with block, SSHS, Monkey Humpers, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers

There’s your workout, folks.


“If Quis was here, we would have had 20.”  Treadmill

“I don’t do Monkey Humpers.  They aren’t good for the body.”  Treadmill

“Bulldog, the fun factor has completely worn off after 2 stations.”  Treadmill

“This music sounds like it belongs in a funeral home.”  Booster

“I’ve heard this song before…..at Fuel.”  Booster

“Those freaking Man-Makers…..”  Dance Machine

Music brought to you by Led Zeppelin & Blues Traveler


Turning Point Thursday dinner out…8:15pm (pay attention to Twitter for announcement and when.  I believe usually first Thursday of the month)  All AOs are welcome

Prayer Requests:

Our marriages and the surprises that come with them

Dear Diary

Booster’s young girl that he coaches

DEVO:  Life Happens. Be ready for it.  Talk to your M about it.  There are many great people in our organization that can assist with so many things.  Find them.  Look for them.  Ask them for help.  Pray for Kobe Bryant and his family and the other seven lives lost during the tragic helicopter crash.

Solid work out there this morning, gentlemen.  Great to visit Turning Point as always.  Top notch crowd!  See you soon F3Lex.

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