• When: 2020-01-28
  • QIC: Ash
  • The PAX: Silver Bullet, Pipeline, Pondo, Teddy, Birthday Suit, Bloodwork, Odyssey, Ash

Up and Down Galway with Bricks

The Thing:
A chilly but nice morning out at Woodshed with 8 PAX ready to see what Ash had up his sleeve …
Warmup: SSH x20 in cadence. Mosey from COT to brick cage. Each PAX picked up 2 bricks.
Mosey from brick cage around to the front of the school. Circle Up.

OYO: 10 merkins and 10 squats. Plank when done. As a group, high plank, left side up then right side up with bricks.

Mosey from front of school to corner of Galway and Macon. Partner up! The regular amount of mumble chatter was amplified as I explained just how far we would mosey with the bricks to do burpees. The goal being to find an alternative to our regular short steep hills utilized in the neighborhood. The run from Galway/Macon doesn’t seem like much of a hill, but the slow incline adds up on the way back up with bricks in hand.
Partner 1 – mosey with bricks from Galway/Macon to Galway/Christie (¼ mile each way), 5 burpees with bricks and mosey back.
Partner 2 – AMRAP Russian twists with bricks.

Hearing the PAX loud and clear (cough cough Silver Bullet) and thinking about adjusting to stay on schedule, we adjusted just how far into the darkness of Galway we jogged for Round 2 and Round 3. This actually worked out for the best, as slowly reducing the run (but adding more burpees) made the workout feel more like a beginning, middle and end.
Partner 1 – mosey with bricks from Galway/Macon to speed bump (about ¼ mile total), 10 squats with bricks and mosey back.
Partner 2 – AMRAP tricep extensions with bricks.

Partner 1 – mosey with bricks from Galway/Macon to Galway/Rockwood, 10 burpees with bricks and mosey back.
Partner 2 – AMRAP flutter kicks.

Mosey back around the school and to the brick cage to put bricks back. Mosey back to COT.

Announcements (FNG Happy Hour, a few CSUP events, a few Woodshed details from Bloodwork) and prayers, along with a quote about how we have the power to impact others without knowing it from YHC that I saw on social media referring to Kobe:

“To feel affected by a death of someone you don’t know, is to realize that our reach, our impact, our energy extends beyond the circle we perceive to be our own. A reminder to be careful with words, to love and accept. Share, inspire and live an authentic life. After all, life is fleeting, and you are powerful.”

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