• When: 02/05/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Say What?!, Landslide

Tire flippin in the Yard

3 pax rose from the fartsack to join YHC for a creative boneyard beatdown.  YHC was asked earlier in the week if he could step up and Q the Boneyard on short notice, YHC is always working on new ideas for workouts so what better place to test it out than the Boneyard.

Conditions: 43 degrees and surprisingly muggy for a early Feb gloom

The Thang:


Slowsy – YHC will admit he is not very good at slowsy, so he decided to go ahead and add in his COP exercises. Slowsy arm circles, walking IW, Lunge high knees.

COP at weightroom

SSH x20

TTT x20

Exercise 1-Wall sit tire hold until failure-LBCs until everyone fails

Exercise 2-90 degree dip hold until failure-LBCs until everyone fails

Exercise 3-Chin up hold until failure-which happened pretty fast, YHC did not account for the suckage behind this exercise

Exercise 4- 3 man tire flip down the sidewalk and back

Exercise 5-3 man tire pass rotations

Exercise 6- 3 man BBSU with 35lbs pass

Exercise 7- quick hands on the speed ladder down and back

Exercise 8- lunge with tire with shoulder press

Slowsy to the helipad, little did the pax know that YHC and the Crypt Q No Help decided to surprise the Pax with a little Crypt/Boneyard convergence for the last 10 min of mary.

Fracture-1st up with a merkin train (no rest in between going from one to the next)

  • merkin x5
  • CDD x5
  • one foot merkin left x5 right x5
  • one arm merkin left x5 right x5

No Help- I can not remember what his exercise was here but I know it sucked, sorry refer to Crypt BB

Fracture- Plank O Rama- Up Down Left Right, just lots of planks

No Help- Flutterkicks x50 plus a 10 sec hold at the end

Fracture- Russian Twists x30

TCLAPS- Say What and Landslide great 2nd F, I enjoyed the small group and hope yall got a good workout out of it.


  • Snakepit convergence this SAT and double down for Go Run
  • MudRun sign up!!!!!!! We have way too many awesome guys in Lexington to only have three teams signed up. SIDE NOTE- No Help & Fracture put it out there that if any Crypt Boneyard teams beat their team aka (Burpee Kings) their would be a 100 Burpees done on the spot and free beer the rest of the day.
  • Go Ruck light sign up and lets do it, watch out I hear FIA is about to lay down the gauntlet for F3 guys to sign up


  • Audry Evo back in hospital for another round of Chemo

No Help with the Devo- Good Stuff

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