• When: 2/5/15
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Ginger, Columbo, Tuff Guy, Scooper, Meatball, Nail Pop, Madonna, Matchbox, Quisenberry, Ken Doll

A Few Merkins at Jumanji

10 faithful posted at Jumanji Thursday morning, some regular members of The Herd and some traveling pax. Especially in a smaller group, #mumblechatter is a special thing. It started heavy but lessened throughout the 45 minute beatdown that consisted of a few merkins, good cardio, several burpees (we did 172.. that’s a new record, right?), bear crawls, you name it. The Herd performed well and a good time was had by all.

Conditions: 45 degrees

The Thang:


Mosey onto the best track in Lexington County

COP (all IC)
SSH x 15
Merkins x 10
TTT x 15
Merkins x 9
Windmill x 15
Merkins x 8
IW x 15
Merkins x 7
Plank Jacks x 15
Merkins x 6
Heel touches x 15
Merkins x 5
LBCs x 15
Merkins x 4
Oblique crunches (left) x 15
Merkins x 3
Oblique crunches (right) x 15
Merkins x 2
Flutter kicks x 15
Merkins x 1

Burp & Merk
Start with 1 burpee, add 1 merkin each burpee, pyramid up to 10 and back down to 1

Mosey to baseball field
Sprint between home plate and 2nd base (across the diamond). At home plate and 2nd base, do 3 burpees. On Qs call, switch to and from sprints, bear crawls, crab crawls, prisoner lunges, high knees, butt kicks.
AMRAP 10 minutes

Line up on CF fence for Usain Bolt
First pax calls an exercise of his choice and sprints to home plate and back while the rest perform that exercise. Rinse & repeat until all pax call an exercise.

Countdown Merkins (or 11s)
10 merkins, 1 shoulder press
9 merkins, 2 shoulder presses
Yada yada yada
1 merkin, 10 shoulder presses

Devo: Philippians 4:6-7

-Fun, hard working group at Jumanji. Come for a visit. Be part of The Herd.
-YHC was told the merkin COP needs to be named. It’s become so known that several pax were calling out next exercise before the QIC.
-Thanks to the traveling pax today.
-Twitter has let YHC know we didn’t enough merkins or abs. Noted for next time.

Prayer Requests:
-Beaker’s wife Mary Robbins. She is undergoing cancer treatment.
-Nikita’s 3.5 week mission trip
-The Phillips family

-Convergence at SnakePit this Saturday. Preblast: http://f3nation.com/2015/02/01/preblast-27-convergence-at-snakepit/
-If you need an earlier workout Saturday, the only other AO open is Boneyard.
-GoRun 5k is after SnakePit convergence. www.thegorun.org
-Lexington Race Against Hunger is 2/28. www.lrah.org
-One Year Anniv Convergence at Graveyard is 3/7.
-Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is 4/11
-GORUCK Custom Light is 5/1. $50 Initial payment is due 2/15.

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