• When: 2018-10-30
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Mercy Rule, Kenwood, FNG (Tony Hrytsay -Later named BigToe), Navy Bean (R), Moist, Freon, Dri-Soket

This is what happens when you run out of bricks……

I’d like to say that CAT had so many pax show up this morning that there weren’t enough bricks to go around, so we had to improvise. That is partially true. However, the real truth is, we used to have a LOT of bricks, that have somehow disappeared. So, when the 8th man showed up today, he was stuck using the brick pavers (which also are fewer in numbers than they once were). So, if you have our bricks and pavers, please return them ASAP. No questions asked. The pax were not deterred, and were energized by the presence of an FNG this morning. Here’s how it all played out, or something close to it based on YHC’s aging memory.

***Conditions: 44 with a slight breeze

***Disclaimer and Prayer

***The Thang:

  • COP
    • SSH X 15 IC
    • TTT X 16 IC
    • IW X 17 IC
    • Cherry Pickers X 18 IC
    • OHC X 19 IC
    • Squats X 20 IC
  • Mosey to brick pile. Each pax gets a pair of bricks and circles up on practice field.
    • With bricks:
      • Shoulder press X 25 OYO
      • Curls for the girls X 35 OYO
      • Tricep Extensions X 45 OYO
      • Raised heel squats (on bricks) X 25 OYO
      • Lunges each leg while holding bricks X 10 each leg
      • Squats X 25 IC
      • LBAC X 10 IC F/R
      • Bent over Rows X 25 OYO
      • Reverse curls for the girls X 35 OYO
    • Return bricks – Line back up on goal line.
      • Cardio AMRAP
        • 100 LBC’s
        • 100 Jump Rope Reps
        • Sprint to other end zone and back
        • 10 Mountain Climber Merkins
        • Rinse and Repeat until time called
    • Mosey to Shovel Flag
      • People’s chair for 2 min
    • Count-off/Name-a-rama
    • COT/BOM?Pledge of Allegiance


Need mentors. See Ken Doll for details
-11/10 The Cheech. Register: https://lexingtonhalf.com/pages/race-10k.php
-11/16 Friday bootcamp launch. Details: https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/preblast-friday-bootcamp-is-coming

11/17 Hairy Bison Register: http://www.runharbison.org/hairy-bison/general-info/

12/14 Christmas Party

***Prayer Requests:

Injured Pax – Reach out to them as well as guys who are getting lazy.

Marriages – Be intentional. Work on your marriages, make your M a priority. Your family unit starts with the relationship that the two of you have.


T-Claps to Mercy Rule. The dude set a goal of hitting 100 miles for the month of October and absolutely crushed it. YHC had the opportunity to run Stride Lite with him a couple of times and the man had laser like focus. He was not to be denied.

Kotters to Navy Bean. Bean has been fighting through some nagging injuries and was back out. This AO is always better when he’s there.