• When: 2018-10-30
  • QIC: Neuter & FOB
  • The PAX: Neuter, FOB, Lockbox, Enos, Macho Man, Brisket, Hoser, Wild Blue, Loose Screw, Cavity, Hallpass

Spooky Q with Strut

The pax gathered on a brisk pre-All Hallow’s Eve morning for a Spooky Q, co-authored by Neuter and FOB. No costumes were employed in the administration of pain this morning, though one cute pink pumpkin took some damage. More on that later.

After a brief disclaimer from Neuter, the pax did a lap around the parking lot and proceeded to the warmup. Exercises were temporarily renamed for the occasion in Slasher Movie Theme, but are recorded here with their plebeian designations for the benefit/detriment of those who weren’t there. Nope, you missed it, and that creativity just can’t be recreated. You’ll just have to live with that.

SSH, Jump Squats, TTT, LBAC, Merkins

The pax proceeded to the concession stand and finished off the warmup with Calf Raises. All warmup exercises were performed in sets of 13 or 31. Because Halloween. Obviously.  

The pax then moved into The Thang:

For this Halloween BC, the Qs sought to recreate some of the best and worst traditions of childhood Halloweens. For the first exercise, the pax did a little ditty in honor of Ding Dong Ditch. The pax assumed wall chair position around the concession stand while each pax in order down the line ran a lap around the upper concession stand and knocked enthusiastically on the access door. No angry octogenarians appeared at the door waving shotguns, but to be fair Fiji was DR today.

The pax moseyed to the rockpile to grab a rock of their choice and proceeded to Perfectly Good Hill to celebrate the ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night with an exercise set YHC likes to call “Lions, Crustaceans and Bears.” (I’ve heard it both ways) (also, the Exer-pedia at F3Nation lacks any exercise remotely related to Tigers).

Pax began with a set of 5 Lion Kings at the bottom of Perfectly Good Hill, then bear crawled up the hill, crab crawled down again, and performed 6x Lion Kings, et cetera. Rinse and repeat until 10x.

After planking for the six, the pax polished their candy carrying (or TP throwing) arms with some rock related reps – curls, tricep extensions, bent over rows, and chest presses were all in evidence – then moseyed to the baseball diamond for the next set piece.

YHC was a fat kid, and consequently very possessive of his Halloween candy. Thus the least well-regarded tradition of Halloween was the Bag Snatch (fat kids also have trouble chasing down bag snatchers). But in memory of the time honored, if legally questionable tradition of petty theft, the pax took up the most uneven game of tag ever conceived. One pax was given a bright pink pumpkin (try raising three girls and see how many masculine plastic pumpkins show up in your house) and a brief head start while the remaining pax performed five merkins, then gave chase. When the Pumpkin Pax (see what I did there?) was tagged two handed, the pumpkin was handed over, and all non-Pumpkin Pax performed five more merkins to give the new runner an evasive lead. Chase was given for time, with the final runner holding the pumpkin awarded a prize (and no, neither Q was the final holder).

Pax returned to the parking lot for 6MOM, Dealer’s Choice, and CoT at the Shovel Flag.


Go Leo Go was huge success. Thanks to all participants.

Hairy Bison registration closing 11:55 PM TONIGHT (10/30). Free race, great event held 11/17 at Harbison Forest.

Sleigh Bell Trot registration open – race is Tuesday night before Thanksgiving at Saluda Shoals (run through the Christmas lights, very family friendly).

Macho Man selling chocolate for his wrestling team.

Blue Box macaroni collection for Oliver Gospel Mission Continues. Bring boxes on Thursday.


Aim High and Fiji and their wives.