• When: 2018-10-26
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck and Happy Trees

A Scary Story

T’was a dark and stormy gloom… 2 pax where trapped out in the tempest…when they saw it, a terrible sight, the Sad Clown…..they ran faster and faster but the Sad Clown persisted…the pax got better but were the Sad Clowns real or were they just in their heads…will man ever be able to defeat the fat sack and rid himself of sad clowns

The remnants of a CAT5 hurricane that tore through central Mexico several days ago had finally made its way to central South Carolina. It was dark but it was hardly stormy, just a light rain. No pax were brave enough to HC for this morning’s run except for the Q and a brave Happy Tree who not only posted but ran an XXL before the main event which started at 4AM.

YHC showed up about 20 minutes early to get a good stretch in before his Q. The shovel flag bravely stood by the fire hydrant in the down pour (light rain). Happy Trees car was in the parking lot but no sign of this man HIMself could be found. With about 5 min before 5AM, YHC left the only dry spot at the Rooster to go the parking lot to finish the warmup routine.  HT returned to the parking after a ridiculously long XL and to YHC that he had to leave early.  YHC responded that it was ok because we would be running fast.

The thang.

A warm up lap around the park

800M down main street as fast as you can, 400M recovery, 800M back to the rooster as fast as you can. A lap around the parking lot to recover

Fartlek from the park to the red light at the end of main and back. (Each Pax picks 2 land marks and then sprints between them) A lap around the parking lot to recover

Dealer choice, from the park to the red light and back to the park. The Pax takes turns calling out an exercise and 2 land marks (karaoke, back pedal, high knees, butt kicks, and of course sprints)

Happy Trees called time, M and 2.0s need him to head back home at 530.  YHC took a couple laps around the park before grabbing the Flag and heading back home.