• When: 2018-07-27
  • QIC: Cootie
  • The PAX: Cinco de Mayo, Matlock, Hollywood, Stay Puff, Urkel, Cootie

This doesn’t look like right road

QIC decided to do a last minute Q signup for an open spot. There has been some subtle hints we need some more Q sheet signups from somewhere. A few PAX were already present when QIC rolled up to the gloom. 2 of those had already put in some XL work. Couple more rolled in just before time to do some work. A couple of route options were presented by QIC of varying distances, as Rooster is for all levels. Run, ruck, walk, bike…whatever you like. After the prayer we set out. Stay Puff and Urkel set off to tackle the longest route challenge, Matlock and Hollywood set off to do what ruckers do, Cinco setoff for some b-ball after some XL work, and QIC headed off by himself on a modified route of lesser distance. After a little over half way through the route, QIC had his head down and turned off of highway 1 to complete a strong finish back towards Rooster but the surroundings were not as familiar as expected. After coming to a dead end and realizing a wrong turn had been made, he headed back to familiar territory of highway 1 and decided to just take the straightest and quickest way back to find the rest of the PAX. All the familiar faces were waiting at Rooster as he finally made it back. Good fellowship was had as there were a lot of laughs as Matlock was given a lot to keep him up at night as 2.0 plans for college…we’ll just leave it at that.

weather: nice

route: varied and were modified as necessary