• When: 2018-07-26
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Snot Rocket, Boris, Adrian, Drive By, Oscar, Welcome Week, Robber, Insanity, Beads, Jenny

Rocket Launches His Comeback!

Special moment this morning because several of us have been encouraging a long time F3er to get back out with us.  We finally got him to post again.  Snot Rocket posted at #THUNDER for the first time in almost 3 years.  He got out the car and asked about the awning for the walkway at #THUNDER.  WOW, that’s been up for a few years ROCKET.  Nice to have him back!

YHC hadn’t Q’d at #THUNDER in a while so it’s always fun to Q at your home AO.  11 PAX posted to see if a plan was in order or not.  Questions were raised immediately when we took off running.  This generally is a good time for “what the heck are we going to do next”?  Well, this morning there was a plan and this was a stall tactic because it wasn’t going to end well.  Here’s the THANG!

Conditions:  73 and humid!!!!!

Leave the #THUNDER parking lot and turn left on King.  Left on Duncan.  Stop a the intersection of Duncan and Woodrow for a warm up and cool down circuit that would be repeated several times.

10 SSH (IC)

5 Merkins (IC)

5 LBC’s (IC)

5 Squats (IC)

Run to the intersection of Woodrow and Wheat.  Repeat the circuit.

Run to Emily Douglas where “The Workout” begins.  PAX are instructed to pair up, which workout perfectly that BORIS is still rehabbing and did his own thing so we could have even numbers.  1/2 the PAX grab a block and partner up with someone else.

100 Squat Curl Thrusters

100 Burpees

60 Pull Ups

P1 – Stays at Emily Douglas to perform required exercises until P2 returns.

P2 – Run to the intersection of Queen and Devin perform 5 Plank Jacks and return.

YHC was either getting stink eyes, comments not of the kind variety, or just anger flying in the direction in which I was coming or going.

Plank until all are done.  Return the blocks.

Time to deploy out of Emily’s Underpants because it was more humid down there than up top.  The overnight storms created a wading pool at the water fountain no one no one wanted to wade through.  Mosquito heaven!

Stop at the intersection of Wheat and King for the circuit again.  Run to the intersection of King and Duncan for the final set of the circuit.

Run through the gate on Duncan and across the track and field to the courtyard.

1 minute Wall Squats

20 Merkins

Rinse and Repeat x 2

4 minutes of Mary (All IC)

Flutter Kicks (20)

Box Cutters (15)

LBC’s (10)

Freddy Mercury’s (5)

Run back to the flag which wasn’t there because Welcome Week blamed it on someone else having it.


DEVO:  Miscommunication about who was to prepare and it wasn’t done.


  • THUNDER and BATTLE have the Q at MISSION Saturday.  Great opportunity for a Double Down because BATTLE will be at Finlay Park 0700-0800.
  • Aug. 3rd 5:30 PM at Pine Island F3 will be hosting a cookout for The MISSION.  There is a food sign up sheet at @F3TheMission.
  • Aug. 17th Palmetto Place Cookout.  Pre-blast is here.  https://www.f3midlands.com/other/palmetto-place-cookout-and-tailgate-games-new-year-kick-off
  • Aug. 25th The Goliath with Shandon Baptist.  This is a 2.0 event similar to the mud run.
  • Labor Day plans are coming together.  Be on the lookout.