• When: 2020-01-05
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Wapner, Socrates, Quisenberry, Canseco, CHHeddar, Little Giants, Booster

The Publix loop and dealers choice

7 PAX post for a chilly morning at Tread. YHC and Canseco did a few flatback miles while the other 5 rucked. Both parties did the Publix loop for 30 min. Before coming back for the bells.

Dealers choice style. As I recall, these were the exact exercises, with the exact reps, in the exact order.

  1. KB stretch x 10 OYO
  2. KB around the world x 10 OYO both ways
  3. Curls for the girls x 10 IC
  4. Tricep ext. x 10 IC
  5. Shoulder press x 10 IC
  6. Napalms x 10 IC
  7. KB swings x 10 OYO
  8. Upright rows x 10 IC
  9. Squats x 10 IC
  10. Russian twists x 50 OYO
  11. One-arm cleans with the bell x 10 OYO each arm
  12. Elf on the same shelf x 10 IC
  13. Elf on the lower shelf x 10 IC
  14. Lawn mowers x 10 OYO each arm
  15. Big show x 10 OYO each arm
  16. Squat thrusters x 10 OYO
  17. BBSU with shoulder press x 10 OYO
  18. Chest press x 30 OYO

Gumby for 5 min



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