• When: 2018-12-11
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: Shake 'n Bake, Breakfast Club, Quizenberry, Wapner, Swansen, Buttermaker(R), Globo Gym, Boo(R), PickAxe, Knozit(R)

The Men of Turning Point Welcome the “Board of Pain”

Conditions:  Wet and Cold with no rain, 34 degrees

Disclaimer / Prayer

Great group of men at Turning Point.  YHC was very much impressed how they tackled the traveling torture… otherwise known as the “Board of Pain”

COP (parking lot)

SSH IC 50x  (warm up)

Mosey behind school to lower basketball courts (requested to stay off the soaked fields)

“Board of Pain” Pax line up facing courts.  Each Pax will do exercises 1-10 OYO written on the Board of Pain with designated # of reps.  Once each exercise is complete, the Pax run a rectangle course marked by cones.  Runners must always face forward… so run to cone… shuffle sideways left to cone… run forward to next cone… shuffle sideways right to corner cone… run backwards to next cone… shuffle right to center completing the rectangle.. and run backwards to start

1)Burpees OYO 50x

Run course

2)Calf Raises OYO 150x (50reg; 50out; 50in)

Run Course

3)Merkins OYO 50x

Run Course

4)American Hammer OYO  200x  (100 each side)

Run Course

5)Deep Squats OYO 100x

Run Course

6)Carolina Dry Docks OYO 50x

Run Course

7)Hello Dolly’s OYO 100x

Run Course

8)Smurf Jacks OYO 100x

Run Course

9)Hydrolics  OYO 50x (each arm)

Run Course

10)Burpees OYO 50x

Return to SF

Announcements:  Christmas Party December 14th 6:30-11p

Nativity Ruck – Monday December 24th  meeting at Urban Legend 5p or 530p

New Year’s Convergence – Graveyard

P-200 Relay teams forming now

Prayers:  Fry Daddy’s 2,0;  Hampton;  Swanson’s Dad