• When: 2020-01-09
  • QIC: Sunday Driver
  • The PAX: Booster, Pocahontas, Quisenberry, Little Giants, Buttermaker (R), CHHeddar (R), Wapner, Treadmill, Simon Says, Canseco, Tater, Pickaxe, Arrears, Sunday Driver

The Hills Have Your Legs

(Backblast written by Sunday Driver, posted by Booster)

14 PAX showed up for a wonderful morning of leg workouts.  We would have hit 15 PAX this morning if all HC’s showed.  A morning of below freezing temperatures need a great warmup of stretching the legs to get a good burn later.  YHC began the morning with some of the off the mark IC counts, but PAX members helped me tighten it back up by the end of the warm up.  A goofy IC count definitely needed a Goofball exercise to finish up the warm up.  From here I got smarter and let the PAX do some OYO Lazy Dora’s.  Heard some grumbles about “no rest” and “can’t feel my legs”, must have been a great routine.  From here we had a disjointed bucket brigade (sorry guys) that didn’t go as smooth as I had envisioned.  Shut it down after 1 go round and headed to the hill.  This is where we shredded whatever muscles we had left in our legs doing a modified Jacob’s Ladder and left them on the hill when we finished.

Conditions:  31 degrees, cold enough to freeze some boogers

Started the morning with a 4:30 Wingman

The Thang:

Disclaimer – Prayer

Warm up:

  • TTT x 15 IC
  • Windmill x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • LBAC x 15 IC
  • RLBAC x 15 IC
  • OHC x 15 IC
  • Dirty Birds x 15 IC (all arm exercise’s were in a hold position till told to recover)
  • Goofballs x 20 IC (personal favorite)

Then Mozey to the parking lot:

Lazy Dora’s:

Broke PAX members into groups of 2

  • 100 Team Merkins – 1st PAX does 10 merkins while 2nd PAX Planks, then switch
  • 200 Team LBC’s – 1st PAX does 20 LBC’s while 2nd PAX hold feet 6”, then switch
  • 300 Team Squats – 1st PAX does 25 Squats while 2nd PAX hold an Al Gore, then switch

Mozey to the stairs:

Bucket Brigade:

  • Pass cinder block on the stairs and run to the end of the line as cinder block goes down X 1 (apologies again, snaking back up turned into a train wreck)

Mozey to the bottom of the hill:

Modified Jacobs Ladder:

  • Bottom of hill Motivators x 15
  • Run up hill Backwards x 5
  • Top of hill Squats x 15
  • Sprint back down the hill x 5

Mozey to the flag:

  • Heal Touches x 15 IC
  • Captain Thor x 10 OYO

COT – Name O’Rama


  • Turning Point takeover at Urban Legend tomorrow Fri. @ 5:15 am. Booster is the Q.  Location is by the 9/11 memorial in downtown Lexington (park where we did the Nativity Ruck)

Prayer Requests:

  • Wapner – prayers with the family of the passing of a pastor
  • Sunday Driver – be with my cousins family as he is training in Texas to be shipped to Kuwait in March. Has a baby girl on the way.

Closing Prayer


  • Proverbs 27:17 iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another
  • Began with talking about the recent movie Togo that I watched. About a dog that was responsible for saving the small town in Alaska in 1925 during the serum run.  Most of us know this event through the telling of the story of Balto.  As it turns out Togo’s team was responsible for 264 miles of the run where the other 19 reams only averaged 31 miles.  This dog was capable of what he accomplished because of his uncommon bond with man from this particular breed of dog.  Balto may have got all the glory but every sled team in Alaska sought after all the pups Togo sired because of this bond.  Where I was going with this story is in the 2 plus months I’ve been at Turning Point, I’ve been a part of some amazing things, on a personal, community, and spiritual way.  I’ve met people that drive long distances just to get back for 45 min workout to be with these men.  I’ve been asked numerous times why I travel farther each morning to go to TP instead of a closer AO.  The answer for me has been simple, it’s this uncommon bond that this particular AO has between each other that makes us a special breed of men!


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