• When: 2020-01-09
  • QIC: Starkist
  • The PAX: Hairnet, Jazz Hands, Slate, Hokie Poky, Smithers, Clarice, EZ Bake, Skunky, Knot, Kubota, Neck brace, Starkist

Inaugural Regionwide Workout: Foxhole’s 40 minutes of fun

Conditions:  Clear with temps hovering right around or just above freezing

This was the first of our new monthly regionwide workout, the second Thursday of each month where every AO will be completing their own workout (rotating what AO comes up with it).   January/this workout is brought to you from “Foxhole”.  

Starkist is an idiot for not accommodating for the full 40 minute workout and got a late start.  He’s sorry, but apparently others aren’t (the workout was cut short with a duration of 34 minutes…6 short).  His choice of music is apparently suspect in addition, as certain PAX accused him of being a “very grumpy person”.  Maybe so.  Starkist will now aim to be even grumpier next Q.  2000’s Hard Rock playlist on Spotify consisting of P.O.D., Stained, Papa Roach and the like will now turn to a custom playlist consisting of All That Remains, Sevendust, Demon Hunter, Mudvayne, Pantera, and a mix of some things you’ve heard and others you probably wish you didn’t have to hear.  Careful what you wish for.

Most completed 4-5 rounds in the 34 minutes.   This was a great workout.  I commend the originator for the challenge.  It’s always nice to have some exercises you can’t do with breaking up.  That’s where the rest/work strategeryfun comes into play.  All and all this was a good one.

Disclaimer & Warmup

19 Side Straddle Hop (because Starkist can’t count)
20 Through the Tunnel
1 warmup lap to blocks (this and the above warmups and gross miscalculation of a 40 minute AMRAP is the reason for not finishing in time…lesson learned)


40 minute AMRAP


10 Block Burpees

20 Block Thrusters

30 Hand Release Merkins

40 Lunges (each leg counts)

Run 400 meters or .25 miles


Friday run group location @ Chapin HS
“The Party” – Saturday 1/11 @ 6pm

Prayer Requests:

Hokie Poky’s grandmother has unfortunately passed and we pray for bringing comfort and peace to him and his family and for his safe travel to New York for the funeral.

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