• When: 2018-01-30
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: Paper Jam, Angies List, Meter, Moist, Brita, Pennyworth, Tutu, Kenwood, Drisocket, Bambi, Squatter, Recall, Sawdust, Juice

The Grinder, 2018 Edition

14 pax defeated the fartsack for a new edition of The Grinder.  In the fall of 2016 Gravedigger brought Ambush an AMRAP that we have loved to hate.  We have talked about changing it up and on the Ambush message board last night Paper Jam started the conversation again.  Moist called for burpees at all stations.  Bambi was all for that.  But the sane pax plan prevailed. We added a couple exercises that the pax of Ambush love.  The Gas Pump and the Monkey Jumper.  Thanks to all the men who came out and worked hard this morning.  Tclaps to Tutu for rucking to BC and Meter biking over.

Conditions: 37, Windy


The Thang:

“The Grinder”

There are 6 “islands” around the parking lot we meet in. Three to the left of the flag and three to the right. We will circle the parking lot stopping at each island to perform an exercise. We start at the shovel flag.

Run to island #1 and perform 21 Gas Pumps. Sprint to # 2 and perform 21 Monkey Jumpers. Sprint to # 3 and perform 21 Tricep Extensions with big boy bricks. Sprint roughly 150 yards to # 4 and perform 21 Merkins. Sprint to # 5 and perform 21 Squats. Sprint to # 6 and perform 21 LBC’s. Sprint roughly 60 yards back to the shovel flag. Perform 1 burpee. You have completed 1 lap.

Rinse and Repeat until time is called, adding 1 rep per exercise per lap. Every lap is roughly 1/4 mile. Second lap would be 22 of each and 2 burpees.



Paper Jam    No Idea
Angies List    7.5
Meter     Present
Moist     4 miles
Brita  7.5
Pennyworth   7.5
Tutu  7.5
Kenwood   9
Drisocket   7
Bambi  7.5
Recall  8
Sawdust   9
Juice  Right at 9


Playlist by Paper Jam:

Lift Your Head Weary Sinner, Crowder
O Praise the Name, Hillsong
God’s Great Dancefloor, Connection Worship Band
10,000 Reasons, Momentum
Alive, Faith Promise Church
Cornerstone, Hillsong
So Will I, Hillsong United
What a Beautiful Name, HIllsong
You Never Even Called Me by My Name, David Allan Coe


Dam2Dam- Feb 24
We need a couple volunteers, get with Juice or Paper Jam

P200 is coming.  BaM run on Sunday mornings at 6 am.

Prayer Request:
Juice Grandmother or Squatters Mom
Pennyworth’s Aunt
Vila and his family
Meter Unspoken
Trickles Dad


The Sense of His Plan  from Charles Stanley
PS 27:13  I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord.

Is there anything in your life that doesn’t make sense? You’ve tried to figure it out, but the questions persist. Why would God allow such difficulties to plague you?

You’re not alone. the greatest earthly ruler of Israel, David, most likely felt the same way at times.  After God called him to be the king, David spent years running from King Saul, who actively sought to kill him.  David must have wondered why the Lord was taking so long to place him on the throne.

It might have been confusing and disheartening to David, but God knew exactly what he was doing. During that time, He was meticulously preparing David to honor Him in everything- strengthening David’s faith for the battles he would face as king.

Likewise, the Father may be using adversity to prepare you for an important assignment. So don’t fret, fear, or rely on your own understanding about your situation. It will make sense eventually (Romans 8:28) Trust God regardless of how your circumstances appear and He will lead you perfectly (proverbs 3:5-6).

From Juice:  Life seems crazy at times.  Really most of the time.  When I look around at all the stuff happening in the world it is easy to forget that God is in it all.  He is in control of every situation.  He puts us through difficult situations to strengthen us.  I have had a lot of tragedy in my life.  My three best friends passed away before I was 25.  I lost my father tragically a few years later and a week later my nephew.  Each time, I questioned God.  But each time, God strengthened me. I wonder sometimes what those trials were about.  I pray that I will be ready when the next battle comes.  Until then, I trust that God has everything under control.